Manasa Vacha Malayalam Movie Review: A Quirky Heist Comedy with a Heart

Manasa Vacha Malayalam Movie Review: A Quirky Heist Comedy with a Heart

Manasa Vacha Malayalam Movie
manasa vacha
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Manasa Vacha, directed by Sreekumar Podiyan, is a delightful rollercoaster ride that blends humor, heart, and a dash of mischief. With a stellar ensemble cast led by Dileesh Pothan, Prasanth Alexander, and Kirron Kumr, the film takes us on a whimsical journey through the world of well-intentioned thieves.

Plot Unveiled

The film opens with a frustrated trio—Ravi (Dileesh Pothan), Vijay (Prasanth Alexander), and Meera (Kirron Kumr)—who have had enough of society’s double standards. Tired of witnessing injustice and hypocrisy, they decide to take matters into their own hands. Their plan? A heist that promises to be as hilarious as it is audacious.

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Dileesh Pothan as Ravi

Dileesh Pothan’s portrayal of Ravi is a masterclass in deadpan comedy. His expressions, timing, and deadpan delivery evoke laughter even in the most absurd situations. As the brains behind the operation, Ravi’s quirky schemes and unexpected solutions keep the audience guessing.

Prasanth Alexander as Vijay

Prasanth Alexander’s Vijay is the muscle of the group. His brawny exterior hides a soft heart, and his loyalty to his friends is unwavering. Whether he’s lifting heavy safes or sharing heartfelt confessions, Vijay adds depth to the comedic chaos.

Kirron Kumr as Meera

Kirron Kumr’s Meera is the glue that holds the trio together. Her wit, resourcefulness, and ability to think on her feet make her an indispensable part of the team. Meera’s one-liners and unexpected solutions elevate the film’s humor.

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The Heist and Hilarity

As Ravi, Vijay, and Meera plan their audacious heist, the film takes us on a wild ride. From disguises gone wrong to unexpected alliances, every twist and turn is laced with humor. The heist itself is a blend of slapstick, wit, and heartwarming moments.

Sreekumar Podiyan’s Direction

Director Sreekumar Podiyan infuses the film with energy and charm. His knack for capturing the essence of everyday life—whether it’s a bustling market or a quiet alley—adds authenticity to the narrative. The pacing keeps us engaged, and the quirky visuals enhance the overall experience.

Heartfelt Moments

Beneath the laughter lies a touching exploration of friendship, dreams, and the desire for a fairer world. The camaraderie between Ravi, Vijay, and Meera is heartwarming, and their banter reveals layers of vulnerability.


Manasa Vacha is a feel-good comedy that reminds us to question norms, challenge the status quo, and find joy in unlikely places. It’s a celebration of misfits, dreamers, and those who dare to defy conventions. So grab your popcorn, join the quirky trio, and let the laughter unfold.


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