The First Omen Review: A Worthy Prequel of a Horror Classic

The First Omen Review


“The miracle of life can be a messy business,” intones the eerie voice in “The First Omen”, a stunning prequel to Richard Donner’s timeless horror classic, “The Omen” (1976). Set against the backdrop of supernatural Catholic horror, this film dives into the origins of Damien, the Antichrist, and the sinister forces that conspire to bring about his malevolent destiny.

Director Arkasha Stevenson masterfully captures the vintage style of ’70s horror. The earthy color palette, haunting imagery, and insidious scares evoke memories of classics like “Rosemary’s Baby”. The film’s visual language is both captivating and unsettling.

As Margaret Daino, the American novitiate in Rome, Nell Tiger Free delivers a riveting portrayal. Her journey from wide-eyed innocence to confronting the Antichrist is both compelling and chilling. Unlike typical horror prequels, “The First Omen” provides story and context that enhance the original film. It seamlessly connects to the events of the 1976 movie, making it a worthy addition to the franchise.

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The film takes its time to unfold, which may test the patience of some viewers. However, the deliberate pacing ultimately pays off. Without giving away spoilers, the film’s ending takes an unexpected turn. While bold, it might leave some audiences divided.

“The First Omen” defies the trappings of a typical horror prequel. It invites us into a world where evil lurks in shadows, and faith is tested. If you’re a fan of the original “Omen” series or appreciate atmospheric horror, this film is a must-watch. Just remember to keep the lights on when you go to bed afterward.


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