The Apple Watch Saved A 61 Year Old Indian Man’s Life, Thanks To ECG App

The Apple Watch Saved A 61 Year Old Indian Man's Life, Thanks To ECG App

The Apple Watch has been known for saving many lives in the past and it seems like it saved a 61-year-old man’s life in India as well. It comes with some health features that have been responsible for saving lives in the past including fall detection, heart rate tracking and ECG.

Apple watch continues to save life with help of ECG feature

ECG is probably the best feature on the Apple Watch that is capable of detecting irregular heart rate and rhythm which can then be used for insights with a doctor. R. Rajhans, a retired pharma professional’s life was saved thanks to the ECG app on the Apple Watch.

The 61-year-old decided to check his heart rate and rhythm after he felt unwell in March earlier this year. The watch was gifted by his son who has worked with tech companies before and know how beneficial the watch is.

R. Rajhans shared the data with his doctor even though it was showing the same findings and it later turned out he had a low fraction and required immediate heart surgery.

“My dad underwent a Mitral Valve replacement surgery and it was his Apple Watch that helped detect the irregular heart rhythm prior to the Valve failure Echo-cardiograph,” his son Siddharth told IANS.

Siddharth wrote to Apple founder thanking him for the Apple Watch’s features and received a message from Tim Cook himself via an email:

“Siddharth, thank you for sharing this. I am happy to note that your father received medical attention in time and I hope he’s feeling better now. Our team will connect with you,”

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“The idea of having a device like Apple Watch is to strike a balance between using tech and medical awareness in order to take charge of our parent’s lives. It saved my dad’s life. It’s a life-changing product,” Siddharth said.

The Apple Watch is known to save lives in the past and more recently has been doing so with new added features that were not present in previous ones.

The ECG app on the watch is best known for identifying signs of AFib- the most common form of irregular heart rate. Apple also recently launched a new blood oxygen detecting feature on the Apple Watch Series 6 that allows users to measure the oxygen level of your blood on-demand.

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