Takkar Box Office Collection Day 3

Takkar Box Office Collection Day 3


Takkar is a Telugu action-packed thriller that revolves around the life of Guns, a carefree young man with dreams of becoming a millionaire. Directed by a talented team, the film takes an unexpected turn when Guns crosses paths with Lucky, a wealthy girl who holds a unique perspective on the role of money in life. Their encounter sets off a chain of events involving human trafficking and unexpected twists that test their resilience and alter their lives forever. Here we have covered everything you need to know about Takkar box office collection day 3.

Takkar Box Office Collection Day 3

Takkar is expected to earn around Rs 40 Lakhs at the box office on day 3. The Telugu movie has a good buzz surrounding it, and it has also been released simultaneously in the Tamil language. Takkar stars Siddharth, Yogi Babu and Divyansha Kaushik in the lead roles. The film is a high-paced action thriller.

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The day 3 box office collection of Rs 40 Lakhs is not a good sign for Takkar, as the movie can actually end up being a huge flop if this rate of box office collection continues. The film is directed by Karthik G. Krish and is estimated to be made on a budget of around Rs 20 Crores.


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