Reliance to Ensure Every Jiophone User Has Access to Telecommunication



Jio by Reliance involves itself into community service and CSR. Given the current scenario of Corona virus pandemic, Jio has taken it upon itself to make sure every Indian citizen who is a JioPhone user can reach his/her home through telecom service. The ultimate goal of the network provider is to make telecommunication affordable and accessible by every single JioPhone User in the country.

Partnering with Reliance Foundation, Jio has issued free 300 minutes of outgoing call for every JioPhone user every month. That sums up to 10 mins of free calls per day in a month. This accounts to a huge help to all the JioPhone users who are not able to go out and recharge their phones in the pandemic.

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Additionally, to increase efficiency and affordability, Jio has introduced a new offer where-in every recharge plan used to recharge by customers will be provided as a bonus for free to the customers again. For example, if you choose to recharge for Rs.75 plan, you will be given the same plan for free separately again.

Under this grave situation, Reliance stands committed to the nation and continues to serve to its fullest. However, note: This plan is not for annual or JioPhone device bundled plans.

To say more about Reliance foundation’s service to the pandemic stricken country, Reliance has been in the forefront of fighting the corona virus through multiple innovative initiative.


Here is a list of things Reliance foundation has brought in and established for the COVID stricken society:

  • Reliance Foundation Instituted India’s first Covid-19 care hospital
    in just two weeks and raised 2,325 beds for Maharashtra and Gujarat including intensive and special care, treatment and isolation facilities.
  • It launched Mission Anna Seva which is the largest meal distribution
    program undertaken by a corporate foundation in the whole world. It serves, from meals to groceries to essentials to bulk rations to lakhs and lakhs of under-resourced and frontline workers in our country.
  • provides free fuel to government notified vehicles and ambulances to ensure
    that the emergency/essential services continue to run without any unnecessary or uncalled interruptions.
  • It is also providing over 1,000 MT of medical grade liquid oxygen across the
    country. It amounts to 11% of India’s production where-in nearly 1 in 10 patients in dire need of oxygen is being supported by Reliance Foundation.

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