PVR Offers: Best Discounts and Deals on Movie Tickets, Popcorn and More

PVR Offers: Watching movies is one of those exercises that helps a person relax and escape from the reality for a bit of time. However, now watching movies in theatres has become quite expensive and people are opting for digital streaming platforms. To encourage viewers to visit the cinema halls PVR has now started to offer many deals and discounts on movie tickets, popcorn and more. PVR has collaborated with Kotak to introduce a Kotak PVR card which will enable Kotak bank customers to get exclusive deals and offers on PVR tickets, merchandise and meals. Here we have included all the latest PVR offers that are active right now and you can certainly take benefit of them to book your movie tickets today.

PVR Offers on Kotak PVR Card

PVR has formed a contract with Kotak Mahindra Bank according to which Kotak Bank customers are now eligible for a new Visa card with the PVR logo inscribed on it. This card will enable you to get exciting and latest deals and discounts and various PVR offers that will introduce in the future as well. Below are the current PVR offers on movie tickets, popcorn and merchandise with Kotak PVR cards.

PVR offers on Kotak Credit Cards:

  • 15% cashback on PVR food and beverages
  • Up to 2 free movie tickets per month + 5% additional discounts on movie tickets
  • Seamless transactions with tap and pay feature

PVR offers on Kotak Debit Cards:

  • PVR food and beverages voucher of Rs 500 on joining & of 200 year-on-year
  • Get more than 17 free movie tickets per year
  • Complimentary insurance cover of more than 50 lacs
PVR offers Kotak

PVR offers on Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card

Just like Kotak Axis has also partnered with PVR to offer a wide range of discounts on movie tickets and food and beverages. A Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card holder can get 4% cashback on movie tickets and food like popcorn and more at PVR.

PVR Offers for Those Who Want to Advertise Through Celebrities

If you have started a business and want to gain a following for that then PVR is running an exclusive never before seen offer that you can take benefit of. Now, you can advertise through celebrities about your product brand in PVR. The messages that the celebrities will convey will be attached to the beginning of the movie. It is a great way of marketing. Use Code CELEB@PVR to get flat 15% off right now.

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PVR Offers on Movie Tickets and Popcorn with HSBC Premier Mastercard Credit Card

HSBC has also partnered with PVR to offer exciting discounts and deals on movie tickets and popcorn. Below listed are the current offers with HSBC Premium Mastercard Credit Card in PVR:

  • Buy 1 get 1 free movie ticket offer on tickets booked on Friday
  • 10% off on food and beverages in PVR on all days

ICCI Bank Credit Card Offers at PVR

ICICI Bank a premium Indian bank is also running food and beverage offers at the PVR. You can get flat Rsc 100 off on food and beverages in PVR with this ICICI Bank Credit Card.

Exclusive Latest PVR Offers on Popcorn

From Monday to Thursday people can get unlimited refills on popcorn and Pepsi combo purchased at a PVR. Also, on these days one can get the PVR bestsellers like burgers and sandwiches for just Rs 99. However, terms and conditions apply so do ask them before ordering anything.

PVR popcorn offers

PVR Offers on Movie Tickets and F & B with American Express Credit Card

If you have an American Express Credit Card then you are pretty lucky as one of the best PVR offers on movie tickets, popcorn and more is available on this particular card. One can get as much as 20% instant discount on all purchases at the PVR with a credit card including movie tickets and food and beverages.


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