Pulli Malayalam Movie Review: A Gripping Prison Break Unfolds in this Malayalam Action Crime Thriller

Pulli Malayalam Movie Review


Directed by Jiju Ashokan, Pulli takes audiences on a high-octane journey within the confines of a prison, weaving a tale of suspense, danger, and an unexpected twist of fate. Dev Mohan leads the cast, delivering a compelling performance as Stephen, a character compelled to risk it all for an unforeseen opportunity at freedom.


The film unfolds as Stephen finds himself back in the familiar confines of the central jail, serving his sentence for the second time. What initially appears as a routine imprisonment takes a sharp turn when an unexpected phone call disrupts the monotony of his cell life. This pivotal moment propels Stephen into a gripping narrative of calculated risks and an audacious prison break.

Dev Mohan’s portrayal of Stephen is a standout, capturing the essence of a man pushed to the edge, navigating the complexities of the prison environment. His performance resonates with intensity, effectively conveying the internal struggle and determination of a character faced with a life-altering choice.

Director Jiju Ashokan’s storytelling prowess shines through in Pulli. The film expertly builds tension and suspense, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats as the plot unravels within the confines of the prison walls. The pacing is well-crafted, ensuring that each moment contributes to the overall sense of urgency and unpredictability.

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The action sequences in Pulli are a testament to the film’s genre, choreographed with precision to deliver thrills and excitement. The use of the prison setting as a backdrop for the unfolding drama adds a unique flavor to the action, heightening the stakes and intensifying the cinematic experience.

The film’s cinematography contributes to its gritty and suspenseful atmosphere. The use of lighting and camera angles effectively captures the claustrophobic nature of the prison cell, enhancing the overall mood of the thriller. The director’s visual choices contribute to the immersive quality of the narrative.

Pulli succeeds not only as an action crime thriller but also as a character-driven story. The complexity of Stephen’s choices and the moral dilemmas he faces add depth to the film, elevating it beyond a conventional prison break narrative. The screenplay weaves together elements of crime, suspense, and human drama with finesse.

In summary, Pulli is a commendable addition to Malayalam cinema’s action thriller genre. Jiju Ashokan’s directorial vision, coupled with Dev Mohan’s compelling performance, ensures that the film delivers on its promises of excitement and intrigue. The unexpected turns in the plot and the tension that builds throughout make Pulli a captivating watch for audiences seeking an adrenaline-fueled cinematic experience.

Pulli Malayalam Movie
Pulli Malayalam Movie Review: A Gripping Prison Break Unfolds in this Malayalam Action Crime Thriller
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