Pradhan Bengali Movie Review: Compelling Moral Dilemma of a Police Officer

Pradhan Bengali Movie Review


“Pradhan” unfolds as a compelling Bengali film, skillfully directed by Avijit Sen. Dev Adhikari, in the role of Deepak Pradhan, breathes life into the character of a young police officer facing a moral dilemma. The narrative, set against the backdrop of North Bengal, navigates the complexities of corruption within the police force.


Dev Adhikari’s portrayal of Deepak Pradhan is nuanced and resonates with authenticity, capturing the internal struggle faced by an officer determined to uphold his principles in the face of corruption. The director, Avijit Sen, crafts a storyline that weaves together past events and present challenges, creating a suspenseful atmosphere that keeps the audience engaged.

The film successfully explores the pressure and challenges Deepak encounters as he confronts the corrupt practices of his junior officers. The emotional depth is heightened as disturbing events from the past resurface, adding layers to the character and the overall plot.

Avijit Sen’s direction is commendable, maintaining a balance between suspense and emotional resonance. The cinematography captures the essence of North Bengal, providing a visually captivating backdrop to the unfolding drama.

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Dev Adhikari’s performance is a standout, conveying the internal turmoil and determination of Deepak Pradhan with conviction. The supporting cast contributes effectively, enhancing the overall impact of the narrative.

“Pradhan” is not merely a story of corruption and moral dilemmas; it’s a testament to the resilience of integrity in the face of adversity. The film succeeds in delivering a thought-provoking message while keeping the audience engaged with its well-paced plot and strong performances. Avijit Sen’s directorial prowess and Dev Adhikari’s compelling portrayal make “Pradhan” a noteworthy addition to Bengali cinema.

Pradhan Bengali Movie
Pradhan Bengali Movie Review: Compelling Moral Dilemma of a Police Officer
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