Planning to Purchase OTT: Here is How many users at once can access OTT Platforms


OTT Platforms (Over the top) offerings are any sort of video or streaming multimedia that allows a user to watch movies and Tv shows by delivering the material directly over the web. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sony Liv, and Disney + Hotstar are among the most popular OTT services.

Over-the-top services, in essence, use an online link to play TV programs and films. Most OTT Platforms or companies have their app, webpage, or portal where a subscriber may log in to access the material included with the membership.

So, we are today going to cover all your queries relating to how many users can access OTT platforms at once with a Single Account:

How many users can use Netflix at a time?

Netflix Subscription with friends

Netflix allows you to watch videos on numerous devices at the same time, which is useful for families who share a single Netflix subscription. Based on your OTT Platforms like the Netflix package. You can stream movies on one (Basic), 2 (Standard), or 4 (Premium) screens at the same time. You may also create up to 5 profiles so that everyone who uses the same account has their individualized suggestions and watching history.

  • Basic Plan: You can only stream to 1 device at a time with the Netflix Basic package. A gadget is defined as anything that can connect to Netflix and stream video, including mobile phones, desktops, and televisions.
  • Standard Plan: You can watch to two devices with the Standard package.
  • Premium Plan: Finally, the Premium plan enables four devices to be used at the same time.

How many members can use Hotstar VIP at the same time?

Hotstar VIP only permits one person to utilize it at a time. The Disney + Hotstar material can only be watched on one gadget at a time. You can create or register your Disney + Hotstar login on many devices; nevertheless.

Hotstar VIP material can only be viewed solely on a single device at a moment. You may find this information in the ‘Computer monitors you can play on’ area of Disney + Hotstar.

The Hotstar app is available for iPhone, Android, Fire tv sticks, Roku, Tv Box, and Microsoft. You may log in to your Disney + Hotstar profile on up to five devices; however, you may only use 1 at a time.

How many members can use Amazon Prime at the same time?

Many of us now use multiple internet streaming platforms for leisure. Furthermore, it is common for most of us to exchange our login details with friends, family, and colleagues.

Amazon Prime Video, one of India’s various streaming providers and OTT Platforms, enables users to establish user profiles. Users may connect their accounts with up to three other persons. Users may, however, watch the same video on no more than 2 gadgets.

With one Amazon Account online, you can also have up to 6 user accounts (one basic profile plus five extra profiles) on Prime Video.

How many members can use Sony Liv Premium membership at a time?

Free Sony Liv Premium Subscription in 2022

Beginning with the Sony Liv premium package, subscriptions are offered in monthly, semi-annual, and annual increments. These subscriptions offer similar perks and material, including live sporting events, Tv stations, Sony Liv’s original TV programs and films like Scam 1992, and Hollywood films.

The annual and six-month subscriptions, on the other hand, support two displays at the same time, whilst the Sony Liv Premium monthly subscription only supports 1 device at a time.

The subscription also includes offline downloading, up to 5 profiles, and no advertisements (except in live TV channels). The month Sony Liv Paid membership costs Rs 299, while the annual and six-month subscriptions are Rs 699 and Rs 999, accordingly.

WWE network on Sony Liv

The program, as the name suggests, is designed just for WWE fans. The Sony Liv WWE network plan, which costs Rs 399 per year, includes live WWE matches, NXT, and PPVs. Whereas, unrestricted access to the WWE catalog, and exclusive WWE programs, dramas, and bios.

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