OnePlus 8th Anniversary: Everything You Need to Know


Your favorite OnePlus is about to turn 8-years-old. This is the best time to take advantage of all the benefits the company is offering to its users. The OnePlus army will get excited after knowing that the tech company has come up with innumerable fun activities to celebrate the OnePlus 8th Anniversary.

Starting with the OnePlus Run is an 8-bit game filled with numerous Easter Eggs and Una as the main character. There are different perks with this game as the users can win prizes like discount vouchers, raffle points, or even a brand-new smartphone by OnePlus.


OnePlus 8th Anniversary: Everything You Need to Know

In order to avail of these offers, you have to visit, earn a high score and like this, you can be among the lucky winners to win prizes.

Carnival Games are back again this year too. It gives you an opportunity to collect precious RP and exchange it for exciting prizes or you can enter raffles. It all depends on how many scores you make and how many games you play, the more games you play, the higher are the chances.

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List of Carnival Games in OnePlus 8th Anniversary Exhibition

  1. OnePlus Run (Easter Egg Hunt)

We believe you haven’t forgotten Easter Eggs from the OnePlus Run game. It’s time to tap again your screens to make Una jump and slide. Other than making a high score game is full of easter eggs, find them to win RP. Some of them are harder to find but harder to find, bringing more RP in your pocket.

  1. True or False Tech Quiz

It’s time to test whether you actually belong to the OnePlus army or not. You can test your knowledge about OnePlus and the tech world. Every correct answer will take you a step closer to acquiring as much RP you want. Be attentive because you may not want to lose this chance.

OnePlus 8th Anniversary
Source- OnePlus
  1. Boundless Photo Challenge

Don’t worry. OnePlus take care of its army that’s why it has come up with a simple task. You have to take one photo each day and can win RP. Isn’t it that simple to collect as much RP you need? So, what are you waiting for? Start taking pictures.

  1. The Infinity Hunt

Another easy task is to solve two daily riddles which the company will be releasing every day. The Infinity Guess will go live on December 16, 2021. Whereas, Text to Infinity will be live on December 17, 2021. Moreover, a huge collection of games will be arriving soon for OnePlus enthusiasts.

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OnePlus will also host ‘Community Awards’ on December 17, 2021. The tech company looks forward to highlighting some of its talented users for their immense contributions to making OnePlus a successful brand in the market.

OnePlus 8th Anniversary Raffle Exhibition

Once the Carnival Games reach an end, users will be able to exchange their hard-earned Raffle Points for exciting prizes. The prizes include exclusive items, accessories, or even smartphones. OnePlus will host both Exchange Raffles and Regular Raffles for its community. So, no matter how many RP you earn, you will definitely win something.


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