Omicron Symptoms Reported Frequently In Kids Under The Age Of 05

Omicron Symptoms Reported Frequently In Kids Under The Age Of 05

The new variant, Omicron, a highly mutated version of the Coronavirus, has proved less fatal but highly contagious. Hence, The pandemic has taken a heavy toll on people’s mental health and lives. Just as we thought we were towards the end of it, a third wave appeared, and the whole country became again restricted to their homes.

Omicron In Kids
Omicron In Kids

Experts predicted that the third wave would affect children severely a few months ago. Now that we are in it, we see that children and people of all age groups are getting infected, some even twice or thrice. Though most of the country is almost double vaccinated, doctors warn everyone to stay vigilant and maintain all safety protocols.

The deadly virus affects people worldwide, including babies, toddlers, and children. Children are getting affected recently, and the number is relatively high owing to the Omicron variant. Parents are concerned regarding the well-being of their children. There is no official data on the hospitalization of children in India.

Symptoms of Omicron, which are common in children, are similar to adults. They include cough and cold, sore throat, fever, body ache, diarrhea, vomiting, tiredness, and less urination.

Some experts say that the Omicron variant can affect children more than the Delta variant. The Omicron affects mainly the higher respiratory tract, and since children have smaller airways, they are more vulnerable to the virus. But overall, children are expected to experience mild symptoms.

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A new symptom has been added to the list, Apart from those mentioned above. The new variant leads children under 5 to develop a new disease called croup, a common infection among lids, which means a cough that sounds like barking or seal followed by noisy breathing. It is an infection, similar to bronchiolitis, that makes a child’s vocal cords and throat swell up. It also leads to inflammation.

You don’t need to panic. This virus is similar to any other disease. You should get your kid-tested for covid and isolated from others in case of a positive result if you find the symptoms of croup in your kid. Then you should consult a paediatrician as they are effective in handling children. Though croup doesn’t get severe and sticks to the mild form, it is essential to get your child cured.

Doctors say that the prediction of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome, or MIS-C, cannot be done immediately as enough data are not yet available.

We are stuck in a pandemic currently. Since children under 5 have no other option, adults should follow all precautions. Remember, prevention is better than cure. Follow all the safety protocols, including wearing masks and maintaining social distance, and you and your family shall be safe.

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