North Korea Bans Laughing, Shopping, and Drinking for 11 Days: Here’s Everything You Should Know

North Korea Bans Laughing

North Korea bans laughing, shopping, and drinking for 11 days, starting from Friday onwards. Such an order was for 11-day mourning on the 10th anniversary of former leader Kim Jong-Il.

Kim Jong-Il is a former leader of North Korea who ruled the nation for 17 years, from 1994 to 2011. Unfortunately, at the age of 69, he experienced a heart attack and it was shocking for the citizens to hear about the tragic demise. He died on December 17, 2011.

North Korea Bans Laughing

After he left the world, his younger son Kim Jong-un immediately handled all the responsibilities by succeeding his own father. Precisely, the leader bans all leisure activities in the entire nation for the next 11 days. However, if anyone dares to break the rules then the officials have the right to abduct at the moment.

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North Korea: Kim Jong-Un Bans Laughing, Crying, Shopping, Celebrations, and Drinking

Other than laughing, shopping, and drinking, citizens cannot cry out loud if any of their family members die during the mourning period. The rules suggest that the body must be taken out after the crying is over. Rules also restrain people from celebrating their own birthdays during the mourning period.

Every year, Kim pays respect at the memorial of his father. Recently, Kim Jong-Un was seen paying respects at a mausoleum where his embalmed body lies with Kim Il Sung (former president of North Korea). Moreover, Kim Jong-Un summoned government officials for national meetings honoring his father.

North Korea Bans Laughing

On the mark of his father’s 10th death anniversary, Kim Jong-Un extends the mourning period to 11 days. Generally, a 10-day mourning period happens every year. This time, the state is paying its respect to Kim Jong-Il by publishing newspaper articles. Apart from articles, state TV is also airing propaganda songs and documentary films on the late leader.

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Furthermore, ordinary citizens were showering flowers on the memorial of former leaders – Kim Jong-Il and Kim Il Sung at Pyongyang’s Mansu Hill. According to the records, in his 10 years of ruling, Kim Jong-Un, 37, has successfully secured the same absolute power that Kim Jong-Il and Kim Il Sung were enjoying during their times.

Everyone is curious to know what will happen after North Korea bans laughing and whether this might impact political stability or not? Well, until now, no signs of political instability are experienced. But the long-term stability of Kim Jong-Un’s rule could result in a threat for the nation.


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