Noise Beads TWS Earbuds Launches, Available For a Hefty Discount


Noise is back with their new Noise Beads TWS earbuds in India. Haven’t heard of them yet? Well! Of course, they have not planned a grand launch but have launched it rather silently.

Wait! Does that mean they are not as good as the old TWS Buds? Well! Let’s find out.


Noise Beads TWS Earbuds

Noise Beads TWS Earbuds Features

It comes with all the basic functionality you can expect in an ‘earbud-style model for the stereo earphones. With its steamless design, which is compact and beautiful, you can call it a perfect-looking piece of earbuds. Does it feel premium? Well! Not that much as the plastic exterior says it all.

Moreover, if we’re going strongly towards the functional capabilities, it comes with Type-C charging, IPX5 rating, Bluetooth 5.1, 18 hours of battery life, and much more.

With Hypersync, you can be connected with two simentenous devices, which improves the switch between them, making the device quite functional.


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Noise Beads TWS Earbuds Pricing

The actual pricing of the earbuds is INR 3499, but under the new launch scheme, they are available for only INR 1,499. This is a massive discount and makes it the right time to purchase.

Noise Beads TWS Earbuds Availability

They are exclusively available on Amazon and the official website of Noise, but if you’re thinking of getting a pair for you too the wait till December 24th. On that day, Amazon is running a sale for the Noise TWS Earbuds, and you can get your hands on the discounted prices.

So, are you going to buy the new Noise TWS Earbuds? Comment down below and let us know why.

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