Minecraft 2025 Movie Budget, Cast, Plot, Box Office Prediction

Everything about Minecraft Movie


The upcoming American adventure film, Minecraft, is based on Mojang Studios’ popular 2011 video game of the same name. Jared Hess directs the film, which was produced by Legendary Pictures, Mojang, and Vertigo Entertainment and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. The screenplay for the film is written by Chris Bowman and Hubbel Palmer. The production team includes Jill Messick, Lydia Winters, Mary Parent, Jon Berg, Vu Bui, Jason Momoa, Cale Boyter, Roy Lee, and Torfi Frans Olafsson. Jack Black and Jason Momoa are playing the leads.

Minecraft 2025 Movie Budget

The Minecraft film has undergone several changes since its inception. Initially set to be directed by Rob McElhenney with a preliminary budget of US $150 million, the project experienced delays and changes in direction, prompting McElhenney’s departure in August 2018.


Peter Sollett was announced as the new writer and director, with a March 4, 2022 release date. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the release was postponed, and Sollett went on to direct another project. Jared Hess took over as director in April 2022, and Jason Momoa is reportedly in talks to star. Chris Bowman and Hubbel Palmer rewrote the script for the film, which has now been confirmed as live action. Finally, the release date was set for April 4, 2025.

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Minecraft Movie Cast

  • Jack Black as Steve
  • Jason Momoa
  • Danielle Brooks as Dawn
  • Sebastian Eugene Hansen as Henry
  • Emma Myers
  • Jennifer Coolidge
  • Kate McKinnon
  • Jemaine Clement

Minecraft 2025 Movie Plot

When the malevolent Ender Dragon unleashes chaos, a young girl and her unlikely band of adventurers go on a mission to rescue the Overworld from destruction.

Minecraft Movie Box Office Prediction

Minecraft is a popular game and the film adaptation of the video game is going to bring in a lot of the games fanbase to the theatres. You can expect the film to easily go past US $400 million at the box office in the USA. The worldwide box office collection of Minecraft is expected to be around US $600 million.


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