Lootere Web Series Review: Thrilling High-Seas Crime Action Drama

Lootere Web Series Review

Lootere Web Series Review
Lootere Web Series Review: Thrilling High-Seas Crime Action Drama

Date Created: 2024-03-22 08:34

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Lootere, the latest web series directed by Jai Mehta, takes viewers into the treacherous waters off the coast of Somalia. Inspired by a true incident from 2017, the web series unfolds against the backdrop of piracy, desperation, and unlikely heroism.

Lootere Web Series Review: Thrilling High-Seas Crime Action Drama

Plot Summary

The ill-fated cargo ship, MV Sagar Samrat, becomes a pawn in a deadly game when Somali pirates hijack it. The passengers, a motley crew of individuals from different walks of life, find themselves trapped in a nightmarish environment. Amidst chaos and fear, an unexpected hero emerges—a man with no military training or heroic aspirations. Abhishekh Khan (played by Vivek Gomber) must navigate the murky waters of danger, betrayal, and survival to save his fellow hostages.

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What Works

  1. Tense Atmosphere: The series masterfully builds tension. The cramped confines of the ship, the relentless waves, and the pirates’ menacing presence create an atmosphere of palpable dread.
  2. Character Dynamics: The ensemble cast delivers standout performances. Deepak Tijori as Captain Rounal Pradhan, Rajat Kapoor as the ship’s engineer, and Chandan Roy Sanyal as a desperate crew member add depth to their roles.
  3. Realism: The show doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of piracy. The negotiations, power struggles, and psychological toll on the hostages are portrayed with authenticity.
  4. Cinematography: The vast expanse of the ocean and the claustrophobic ship interiors are captured beautifully. The visuals enhance the storytelling.

What Could Be Better

  1. Pacing: While the tension is maintained, some episodes feel slightly stretched. Tighter editing could have intensified the impact.
  2. Predictability: Certain plot twists are foreseeable, but the strong performances compensate for this.


Lootere is a gripping blend of action and drama. It delves into the human psyche under extreme circumstances, exploring courage, sacrifice, and the will to survive. The series is a testament to the resilience of ordinary people thrust into extraordinary situations. With its heart-pounding moments and well-etched characters, it’s a voyage worth embarking on.


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