Life-Changing Books of 2022 You Must Read

Read These 5 Life-Changing Books In 2022

You have heard enough already about the benefits of reading. But how many times have you laid your hands on a book, read it, and actually walked away with practical tips for transforming your life? 

In this article, we bring to you 5 life-transforming books which will help you practically learn and unlearn in your life. Our recommendations are easy to read with incredible potential to change the way you think, perceive, and act. 

Here are 5 best books to transform your life  – 

  1. Negotiate The Nonnegotiable by Daniel Shapiro 

Negotiating the Nonnegotiable is one of the most life-changing book of 2022

Relationship conflicts are inevitable because of human nature. Every person is an original with their own set of beliefs, principles, and morals. So how do you reconcile sensitive disagreements? 

Daniel Shapiro, a Harvard expert, has developed a ground-breaking strategy to overcome the most difficult differences. His book Negotiate The Nonnegotiable is a book you must read. Shapiro says that conflict, whether it be with family members, coworkers, or even with international politics, is fueled by the secret power of identity. 

The Tribes Effect and how it affects relationships will be explained as you read, and you’ll also understand the measures you need to take to start mending connections right away. Negotiate the Nonnegotiable tops the list of life-changing books

2. 10% Happier by Dan Harris

10% happier by Dan Harris 

Has anxiousness ever plagued you? Maybe you’ve had anxiety that was so debilitating that it led to a panic attack. Have you ever experienced something like this in front of a large crowd? 

Well, Dan Harris had experienced it. Dan realised it was time to change his life after having a panic attack that was shown on national television. 

Dan set out on a quest to silence the nagging, ravenous voice inside his head. As a result of an attempt to calm the chatter in his head, he discovered self-help techniques that actually work, ways to quiet the voice in our head, and to decrease stress without losing our edge. This book is a must-read for you, even if you remotely struggle with anxiety. 10% Happier is surely one of the best books of all times. 

3.Smarter by Dan Hurley 

Smarter by Dan Hurley  is one of the life-changing book of 2022

How do you improve your intelligence? Do you just consume more books? Become bilingual? Learn a new instrument? The scientific community has long dismissed the idea of increasing IQ. We are made to believe that we are limited by the traits we were given at birth.

Thankfully, this notion is evolving. Author Dan Hurley, in his powerful life-changing book, has done the research and is here to give you the many methods that have been shown to increase intelligence. 

In this book, you’ll discover what kind of physical activity will make you smarter, and how playing video games can improve your memory and focus too! 

4.Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie 

Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie 

You have a desire to make a difference. You want to make an impact in the world with your life. But your mental barriers are stopping you. 

Unfortunately, we frequently become immobilised along the path due to the weight of our own anxieties or the grind of daily life. This is exactly where you need a good book for your entrepreneurial spirit. 

Author and businessman Blake Mycoskie created his manual Start Something That Matters to help you create a venture that counts and “matters”. 

 If you adopt his business strategy, which involves giving a product to a person in need, you’ll discover how you, too, can launch a worthwhile start-up. You will not regret reading Start Something That Matters. It is one of the best books for entrepreneurs – potentially a life-transforming book for you. 

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5.Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office by Dr Lois P Frankel

Nice Girls Don't Get The Corner Office by Dr Lois P Frankel

Our last book recommendation is as interesting as its name. Dr. Lois P. Frankel in Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office discusses the unintentional errors women make that harm their careers. Frankel’s book is a life-changing book for many women, it can work wonders for you too!  


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