Small Saving Investment: Post Office Scheme That Demands a Minimum Deposit of INR 100 Only

Small Saving Investment

India Post grants a safe investment offer for which you need to make a bare minimum deposit of Rs. 100 in order to earn up to Rs. 20 Lakh.

Investments and savings plans are always a risky play. However, not all these services necessarily hoist a red flag.

As compared to saving schemes offered by various other sources, the National Savings Certificate Scheme (NSC) being offered by India Post is a safer and tested alternative.

Small Saving Investment

What is NSC?

The National Savings Certificate Scheme (NSC) is a fixed income investment scheme that encourages small savings.

Promoted by the Central Government, NSC Guarantees tax benefits on investment. Additionally, owing to its low investment requirement, the risk associated with it is also exponentially reduced.

In order to be eligible for the same, you must be an Indian citizen. Non-resident Indians aren’t eligible for NSC.

All you need to do is deposit a minimum of Rs. 100 of your savings and enjoy the benefits thereafter. There is no maximum limit on the investment.

Benefits of the Scheme

The present interest rate for the scheme is 6.8 percent per annum. These rates are regulated quarterly so the current rate will be applicable till December 2021.

The fixed period of this scheme is 5 years. Therefore, if you want to earn Rs. 20.85 lakh once your scheme matures (as per the 6.8 interest), you need to invest around Rs. 15 lakh over the period of these 5 years.

If you’ve been waiting all this while to make an investment but the risks associated with it had tied you down, this is your chance to finally make a move. Not only will it help you earn a fixed income, but the low risks and multiple benefits it seeks to offer will help you through a tension-free experience as well.

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