Ittaa Kittaa Gujarati Movie Review: A Hilarious Comedy of Errors

Ittaa Kittaa Gujarati Movie Review


“Ittaa Kittaa,” directed by Manthan Purohit and Abhinn Sharma, is a heartwarming and humor-filled Gujarati comedy that navigates the complexities of parenthood and family dynamics. The film unfolds on the auspicious night of Janmashtami when Kavya, played by Manasi Parekh, unexpectedly feels a strong desire to have a baby.

The storyline takes an unexpected turn when it’s revealed that Kavya is unable to conceive, leaving the Jariwala family devastated. In a decision filled with comedic twists, Kavya and Nirav, portrayed by Raunaq Kamdar, choose to adopt. However, a mix-up leads to the adoption of two girls, aged 7 and 13, adding layers of humor and heart to the narrative.


Manasi Parekh delivers a stellar performance as Kavya, capturing the character’s emotional journey with authenticity and charm. Raunaq Kamdar complements her well, bringing a relatable and humorous touch to the challenges faced by the couple.

The direction by Manthan Purohit and Abhinn Sharma strikes a balance between laughter and poignant moments. The film seamlessly blends cultural celebrations with the nuances of family life, creating a rich tapestry of emotions. The Janmashtami backdrop adds a cultural flair, enhancing the vibrancy of the narrative.

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The supporting cast contributes significantly to the film’s comedic appeal, with characters played by talented actors adding depth and humor to the storyline. The exploration of the accidental adoption of two girls brings both comedic situations and heartfelt moments, creating a unique family comedy experience.

The writing is a strong suit of “Ittaa Kittaa,” as it weaves together humor, emotions, and family values. The film manages to tackle serious themes like infertility and adoption with a light-hearted touch, making it accessible to a broad audience.

In essence, “Ittaa Kittaa” stands out as a delightful Gujarati comedy that not only tickles the funny bone but also explores the essence of family, love, and unexpected joys. With strong performances, clever direction, and a well-crafted script, the film offers a heartwarming cinematic experience, making it a must-watch for those seeking a blend of laughter and emotional resonance in Gujarati cinema.

Ittaa Kittaa Gujarati Movie Review
Ittaa Kittaa Gujarati Movie Review: A Hilarious Comedy of Errors
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