Instagram is Testing Feed Post Uploads Including Images and Videos Via Website on Desktops

Instagram is Testing Feed Post Uploads Including Images and Videos Via Website on Desktops

It has been in the development stage for the last few months and now, Facebook-owned Instagram is launching its first live beta-testing for its desktop users to publish posts from the desktop version. This new feature in Instagram is accessible to a small group of users for now and they have been accessed to the full suite of feed post uploads and posting options directly from computer.

Select users can upload post on Instagram using ‘+’ button on website

Matt Navarra, a social media expert, and a tipster announced his Twitter post that some users can now see the desktop posting “+” icon on the top bar menu in-between message and explore icons. When clicked, it enables users to upload images and videos from their desktops.

Instagram is testing Feed post uploads via website on desktops

According to NewsBytes, The newly introduced posting option also allows users to edit their post before posting, the same like we do in the application, including image formatting tools and filters. Everything we could do in its application to post a video or an image is the same on our PCs.

This feature is beneficial for those who operate their Instagram account through a laptop or PC. Before this feature was made public, users who used to operate their account through PC or laptop had to switch to their smartphone only to upload a post and that was sometimes bothering to some of the users.

But now, they can upload directly from the site, giving them another way to manage their Instagram content and process. Unfortunately, this new feature doesn’t facilitate Stories or Reels uploads, but many verified tipsters point towards the working of the company for adding an IGTV upload on the website soon, which likely suggests that full posting functionality will take place shortly.

Instagram is Testing Feed Post Uploads Including Images and Videos Via Website on Desktops

Instagram released a statement regarding the addition of their new feature on the website, “We are fully aware of the fact that many people access our website from their laptops or PCs. To improve and enhance their experience, we are now taking a step ahead and testing the ability to create a feed post on Instagram with their desktop browser.”

This new feature on Insta is restricted for business accounts only

Instagram further adds that post uploads directly on desktop is a small test for now and will look to expand it more if we get a positive response.

We all know that users have been uploading Instagram feed and IGTV posts from desktops since 2019 via Facebook’s Creator Studio application. However, the application is restricted to business accounts only, a normal people do not have access to that application.

Although, the application doesn’t provide access to all of the regular Instagram editing tools, which turns out to be another advantage of this new feature over the Creator Studio application. Last year, the company added another feature to view Instagram Live from the desktop version and also have improved the stories viewing experience.


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