How to Purchase iPhone SE 2020 at ₹17,949 Instead of Original Price of ₹39,999 in Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale


The Big Billion Day sale has something for everyone but when you’re getting an iPhone SE for cheap, would you be looking at something else?

Now, the iPhone SE 2020 is available for grabs at Flipkart’s Big Billion Day sale at a price of only ₹25,999 instead of the original price of ₹39,999.

But there are ways in which you can get even more discount and we’re going to tell you two applied schemes after which you can take down the price to below ₹20,000.

How to Purchase iPhone SE 2020 at ₹17,949 Instead of Original Price of ₹39,999 in Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale

Bank Discount

If you’re using credit cards or debit cards of the affiliated banks with Flipkart such as SBI, it will make you eligible for an instant discount of 10% for buying iPhone SE at the checkout.

Add your product to the cart and head onto checkout and select your payment method as said above and voila! you have a new discounted price already applied for the product in your cart.

But the discounted price would still not go under 20,000 INR, for that we’re going to have to add one more offer to the cart before making the final purchase.

Exchange Offer for buying iPhone SE

We all know about the exchange offer that Flipkart gives while you’re purchasing a mobile device.

All you have to do is to pawn your device at Flipkart and evaluate its value, after which they will take out the delivery cost which comes out to be 100 bucks and the final estimated amount would be subtracted from your chase.

Let’s assume you have an old Redmi Note 7, which you don’t even use as the device is quite outdated. When applying for exchange, it is available for a Flipkart exchange at a price of 6300 INR.

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This is some kind of pricing that you would not be able to get for the device in your local market.

Now, moving on, make sure you write off the right specification for the devices when asked and apply for this offer as well.

Combining both offers for purchasing iPhone SE, an estimated down the price of ₹17,949 would be your final amount if we’re going by this hypothetical assumption. It can be more or less, according to the mobile device that you’re exchanging or the card/bank type you’re paying the final amount with.

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