Google Pixel 4A 5G Is Currently The Best and Cheapest 5G Device Available

Google Pixel 4A 5G Is Currently The Best and Cheapest 5G Device Available

Google Pixel 4a was launched sometime back and it gained all the limelight for being a device with robust features and that too under budget. Now, once again, Google has launched two new devices namely Pixel 4 and Pixel 4a 5G, which are once again expected to take the market by a storm.

Now, talking about the budget 4a 5G is not the same device as of the Pixel 4a but one major thing is the added 5G capabilities, which is here to here to change the game. With its launch, it has become currently the most affordable 5G device present right now in the market.

Google Pixel 4A 5G Is Currently The Best and Cheapest 5G Device Available

The time to switch over to 5G is now and companies have been making a rapid switch as we’ve seen with iPhone 12 and now Google’s Pixel devices as well. Apart from that, Jio is also planning to bring in a 5G network in India as soon as possible.

The newly launched Pixel 5 will cost you 699 Dollars while the other one will be available for a mere sum of 499 Dollars. Now, Pixel 5 is surely better with a 90 Hz Screen and a lot more features but it’s all the same as the new 4a 5G if you’re not a power user.

So, buying the cheaper one with added 5G capabilities would be the smarter choice here. Also, it depends on your budget, well! Sure if you want to have a better specification, go for the Pixel 5, otherwise, 4a 5G is no less. It’s exactly like the case with Apple Macbook Pro and Air, while Pro is better, most individuals would go for Air anyway.

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Comparing the Pixel 4a and the new Google Pixel 4a 5G, not a very big difference can be noted. Yes! The screen on the new devices is bigger with a hole-punch camera and slim bezels but it’s almost identical.

Also, the phone does lack a premium feel as of its competition such as  Motorola One 5G and the lustrous LG Velvet. Which is always a setback for the 4a device as it was previously noticed too.

Coming at a price of 499 dollars which converts to about 36,500 INR, there are much better players in the same range. But once again, Google rocked the boat by releasing this device with 5G capabilities and that’s the catch.

The devices come with an upgraded Snapdragon 765G coupled with 6 GB’s of RAM and a decent 3,800-mAh battery.

Now, the choice is yours as always but we’ve given you a detailed input in order for you to make an educated guess. Choose wisely.

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