How To Get Started with Instagram Reels in 3 Easy Steps


Business, influencer, no matter who you are and what you use Instagram for, it goes without saying that Reels are the way to go for outreach.

Since Instagram first launched Reels, the feature has blown up and encouraged many trying to grow their page on this social media giant.

 Instagram Reels

One primary reason for this is unlike your usual posts and stories; Reels have a more significant margin of a chance to show up on someone’s Reels page, even if they’re not following you and have never even visited your page before.

It’s time you do the same if you haven’t already and participate in this opportunity without wasting any more time. Here’s how to make your very first Reel and delve into the waters of promoting yourself on Instagram!

How to Create Reels

1. Pick your Music, Speed, and Filters

Open the Instagram stories option, and select Reels. You can choose music to play in your Reel from the Instagram music feature. Now, decide which part of the song you want to play during the Reel.

When you press Record next, the timer enables you to record hands-free. Lastly, you can even choose a speed that fits your content best: fast or slow-motion.

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2. Film the content of your Reels

This process is easy if you’ve ever recorded and posted a story on Instagram before. It is the same – press record and captures whatever you want to. As you record, a progress recorder on the top of your screen will indicate how much time you have left.

You do not have to record the entire Reel in one go; you can facilitate clips and cuts. Further, you can continue adding effects, GIFs, stickers, and more even after you’ve finished recording.

If you choose to add text, you can pick which point of the video it shows up.

3. Share your masterpiece!

After everything is according to your liking while sharing, you can add hashtags, captions, edit the thumbnail of your video, tag friends, and choose where it is shared: a designated place on Explore or the standard Reels feed. You can even choose if it appears on your overall page feed.

Instagram Reels Can Now Be 60 Seconds Long

Hopefully, you can now make Reels and promote yourself or your business with greater ease and outreach!

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