How to Choose a Pair Of Denim Jeans For Men


Nothing is constant in this fast-paced industry where fashion trends come and go by. But some of them stay for eternity. But even something as historic and trending as pair of denim jeans cannot stay immune to the passage of time. So as the years’ tick by, certain styles float by and go out of trend. Even when the world was held back on standstill, the new and updated denim jeans trends made their way.


Denim Jeans


In consideration of the cut and fit, one must consider the type of pair of denim jeans suitable to their body shape. Styling a pair of jeans for men can play a vital role, and can make it suitable for any event. 


Understanding fit and cut are essential to help discern what is best suited to your body type. Ideally comfortable without compromising on style and silhouette, denim jeans should always mould to your body and show little glimpses of your style. Here is a short elaboration run-down on the main cuts that should be a part of your wardrobe this season.


Skinny Jeans

 Skinny jeans are a fitted pair of jeans that have a snug fit through the legs and end in a small leg opening ensuring a defined ankle fit. The slim-fit pair of skinny jeans is flattering on heavier thighs as the tapered ankle works to elongate and give them a slim outline. But no matter your build, skinny-fit jeans should never be skin tight.


Straight Leg Jeans 

The straight leg is a tradition and classic pick for every age individual. Mostly popular in the ‘80s and ’90s, which led to them being called “mom jeans” in the ‘20s. This pair was considered the one designed for the retro look and has now returned to the trending list. These straight-leg jeans look best when paired with a muscle-fit T-shirt.

Tapered Jeans

A tapered pair of jeans is a kind of fit that comes between the fit of skinny jeans and straight-leg jeans. For ultimate comfort, a slight taper is your wardrobe’s must-have. The perfect one is the one that is skimming the leg, especially around the thighs and calves. More flattering than the skinny fit, but more sculpted than the straight leg, tapered leg jeans are a perfect fit with streamlined calves and ankles.


Baggy Jeans

Whether you go the ultra-relaxed route with a wide leg that pools around your ankles or take a sleeker approach via a slouchy straight leg. The ultimate key is balancing the volume with a fitted or polished piece on top.

Baggy fits are everywhere from tailoring to T-shirts, and denim jeans certainly haven’t escaped the shift. But roomy denim jeans do have their benefits in terms of comfort and can look great when glamorized with a little bit of effort and thought. Make sure to get the fit right first – mid-rise, snug in the waist, roomy in the thigh, with a slight taper from the knee to the ankle – and everything else will fall into place. Their collections from Rare Rabbit are understated yet elegant and fit for every occasion.


So to sum it up, the only way is the right size and right comfort for your body shape. Opt instead for tastefully executed cut and sew detailing for the long-lasting pair of classic denims.

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