Have You Checked The New ‘Add To Cart’ Button in WhatsApp?


WhatsApp has been bringing in updates after updates and that too all the good ones this year. Now, Whatsapp have introduced a new ‘Add To Cart‘ button to make the shopping experience over WhatsApp more convenient.

Just about a month back, WhatsApp has launched the new ‘Carts’ feature where someone having a WhatsApp Business account can place their products on display. On the other hand, a normal Whatsapp user can go and browse the catalog and choose the right deal for themselves.

Whatsapp Add to Cart Button

But to make the process easier, Whatsapp has launched ‘Add To Cart’ button has also been added. With this addition, you can select the products that you want, add them to your cart, and directly share them with the seller.

Your order will be sent to the seller in the form of a single message. Which they can check and further on accept and proceed with the same. This is way too convenient than the earlier methods where we have to create a manual order message, right?

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The cherry on top is that once you have created your cart and placed your order then you can also pay for the same using WhatsApp Pay. So, WhatsApp has really pulled forward and integrated all the essential apps for shopping into their platform, haven’t they?

Moving forward, this is a great step when viewed from the angle of sellers who use WhatsApp as one of their primary marketing channels. The reason is that now they can promote their business in a more legitimate and systematic way.

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Additionally, the orders that would have been canceled due to non-compliance of the user, will also add up to the list and add in the profit margins. So, if nobody, at least the sellers would be quite happy with this addition.

What are your views on WhatsApp’s Add to Cart Update? Tell us in the comments down below.

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