Google Pixel 6a Launch day Speculated in May 2022

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Google is expected to release a budget-friendly Pixel 6a Smartphone later this year. Along with the in-house Tensor processor and less amazing camera equipment than the top Pixel 6 phones. Earlier speculations said that the device would not be available until August, but well-known source Max Jambor believes differently, claiming that the item will be available in May. Previous Pixel A-series smartphones, such as the 5a 5G and the 4a, were released in August. Hopefully, this would be a significant move for Google.

When will the Google Pixel 6a become available?

There hasn’t been any official news from Google on the Pixel 6a yet, but rumors have given us some ideas. Max Jambor, a generally dependable source, predicts that the 6a will be available in May. Just a day earlier, a second leaker, Jon Prosser, indicated independently that the Pixel Watch will be available on May 26.

If that’s the situation, you’d anticipate the two items going to release at the same time, so that may be the occasion we meet the 6a as well. It helps that Google’s I/O event is usually held in late May. It has officially launched Pixel a-series devices there.

Google Pixel 6a Design and Looks

Google Pixel 6a Design and Looks

Aside from the Tensor processor, the Pixel 6a is rumored to have the same basic architecture/design as its more costly siblings. Hence it will include a punch-hole touchscreen on the front and a lens visor configuration on the back. The phone is going to have a 6.2-inch Oled display screen with proportions of 152.2 x 71.8 x 8.7mm.

Google Pixel 6a Camera and Battery

The camera technology will be less showy, with a 12.2MP Sony IMX363 main lens, the same as on the previous models like Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, and Pixel 5. It will be accompanied by a 12MP Sony IMX355 ultrawide lens, while the selfie camera will be 8MegaPixels. The smartphone will also include in-display fingerprint recognition, a first for the Pixel A-series.

There’s no word on the Pixel 6a’s battery capacity yet. However, it has a smaller touchscreen than the Pixel 6, as what rumors suggest. Moreover, it’s likely to have a longer battery life as well. For comparison, the Pixel 6 has a 4,614mAh battery, so somewhere around that and 4,000mAh is most plausible.

Specs and features

The Google Pixel 6a could stay true to the Pixel 6 moniker, since it may not only share the same fundamental appearance as the rest of the Pixel 6 lineup, but also the same processor.

According to code discovered in the Google Camera app. Speculation indicates it could have a Tensor processor, which is going to power advance features such as Live Translation.

Other rumors include that the Pixel 6a will have in-screen fingerprint recognition, 128Gb internal memory, and 6GB or 8GB of Random-Access Memory. Additionally, it supports Android 12 out of the package. We’d anticipate it to support 5G as well, as that’s already a very basic feature.

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