Everything you need to know about Netflix ₹ 200 plan.


Netflix has recently launched a budget-friendly subscription pack for its Indian audience, which can escalate Netflix’s market share to a whole new level. The plan is launched exclusively for the Indian audience and it has been priced so low in order to compete with services like Prime Video, Hotstar which are already having monthly subscription packs around this price point. However, this plan may look quite lucrative but stop at once and glace at what you will actually be offered in Netflix’s latest plan.


One Mobile/ Tablet device at a time


The Netflix experience would only be limited to only one device and that device should be a mobile or a tablet only. Netflix claims that most of the users access their service through mobile devices only and that it would be targeting those users, which makes it a win-win situation for both parties.


Only Standard definition


The  Reliance Jio revolutionized the country quite long ago and we don’t deal well with standard definition as of now. But  Netflix had to make a budget cut somewhere, so they scrapped High definition from the subscription pack. However, it is manageable by many but if you don’t want to watch Eleven flying off monsters in a crystal clear fashion, we suggest don’t opt-in for this pack.

Inability to cast onto a bigger screen

Casting your mobile device content onto a bigger screen such as TV or monitors have given us easy access to manipulate our watching experience effortlessly. But the pack comes with an inability to cast to another device, which is a no go for a tech junkie with multiple devices running simultaneously or even for someone who does enjoy the ease of access.

Ad-free content

While, there were rumors that any pack with such low value would surely include an in-app advertisement campaign, but Netflix didn’t resort to this tactic and have maintained the sanctity of the app. You get to enjoy the premium content without those annoying advertisements that chime in between the climax and ruin everything.



The choice of this subscription suits best for someone who is on the go most of the time and is not looking forward to sharing his/her password with the world.  Otherwise, if you don’t belong to such a category then it’s better to opt for Netflix’s monthly plan of  ₹ 799, which can easily be distributed among four of your friends for the same amount as their latest plan. Also, Netflix doesn’t care about you sharing your password with as many people as you want except in the case where you are selling your account to someone else.



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