Sitcoms that can crack your funny bone.

The ultimate classic sitcom ‘FRIENDS’  had been enjoyed by two different generations now and it will continue to engage all the coming ones due to the fact that it’s such a great show. But It’s sometimes annoying when everybody keeps on recommending ‘FRIENDS’, whenever anyone asks “Hey, is there anything fun to watch?”. As most of us have already watched it and want something new or that there, but everybody keeps on recommending ‘FRIENDS’. So, fret not as we have the perfect list of shows, that you can binge on if you’re not that into the ‘FRIENDS’ or have already watched it.



How I met Your Mother

The ultra-romantic Ted Mosby is out to find the love of his life and in search of “The one”. The story revolves around a gang of youngsters who are struggling in New York and they can make you laugh, cry and even dance with them. There are a total of nine seasons and once you’re close to the last episode, be ready to have a tissue box close. This is the only show that has perfectly blended emotions and comedy along with a pinch of life and is also an archrival to the most popular sitcom ‘FRIENDS’.

Modern Family

A twisted family where everybody is defying the societal norms and can still live with all the fun in the world. Don’t get us wrong and presume that the show is just about correcting societal value but it’s actually one of the most hilarious shows of all time. There are a total of ten seasons with the eleventh and final season releasing on 25th September 2019, Hurry and binge-watch all the ten seasons before the eleventh arrives.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the most talked-about shows recently due to the fact that the show was canceled by FOX network and in less than 36 hours, it was picked up by NBC, which is actually a promotion for someone moving over from FOX network. The reason for NBC to pick up the show was a flood of tweets all over the world which included bug names, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Hamill, Seth Mayers and even one of Hollywood’s biggest directors Guillermo del Toro.

The show is based on the working on the Brooklyn  Ninety-Ninth Precinct of NYPD and its hilarious to watch the show when Andy Samberg crushes us with his good energy and tear-jerking waves of laughter.

Big Bang  theory

A hot blonde, Penny shits across the hall from two ultra geeky nerds and now they can’t hold their curiosity to get her into their lives or even just say ‘Hi’ to her. The show is a crazy journey of twelve seasons and you will get to see some of the best moments a television can offer but with a tear rolling down your eyes from either laughter or intense emotional moments.

Big Bang theory belongs to one of the best shows in either Sitcom or general Television genre and although the show has recently ended with its finale this May the fans are rewatching it again and again, which you should be doing too if you’ve watched all the twelve seasons.


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