Convert PDF to Word, Image Methods


What are the ways to convert Word and pictures from PDF? I believe that many people convert PDF to Word and pictures by downloading browser plug-ins or downloading PDF software, and today I will introduce you to a faster and more stable method, That’s how the conversion is done through free online tools.

PDF Free Service Website – Abcd PDF Platform

Abcd PDF is committed to providing users around the world with comfortable and efficient online office tools. There are PDF editors for processing PDF documents on the market, but they also take up a lot of time for users to register, log in, adapt, and pay, in addition to high usage fees. And these products cannot be guaranteed in terms of safety; users have to operate carefully, which brings a lot of inconvenience to everyone’s office.


With the original intention of serving the public, the brand positions its products as free online tools and aggregates a large number of online tools with rich functions on the homepage of the Abcd PDF platform to meet the needs of all user groups. Its goal is to provide free and high-quality PDF processing tools that truly help users solve real-world problems.

PDF to Word

PDF to Word on the PDF service platform. It has a mediocre interface and looks no different from most PDF service websites at first glance. However, once you use it, you will be impressed by its super practicality.

First of all, it is commendable that the conversion tool has a good accuracy rate and can convert documents relatively quickly. Simple documents are completed in seconds, complex documents are also within an acceptable range, and the accuracy rate is stable.

Convert PDF to Word is an online PDF to Word converter on the Abcd PDF platform. Users only need to visit the homepage of the platform to find this tool. The use process is simple, and anyone can quickly grasp the operation steps.

Operation method:

Convert PDF to Excel ” online tool on the AbcdPDF platform and upload the PDF file to be converted.

Then, wait for the system to complete the conversion, and click “Convert” in the lower right corner to save the converted Excel file locally.


Convert PDF to JPG is an online conversion tool that converts PDF files into JPG image format. The operation is the same as the tool on the same aggregation page above, uploading, converting, downloading, and completing the conversion of PDF to JPG in 3 steps.

If your uploaded PDF consists of multiple pages, you can view the effect of each page after conversion. In short, the conversion is fast, and the content of the processed JPG pictures is very clear. Compared with users taking screenshots of each page individually, it saves time, and the effect is satisfactory.


What are the ways to convert Word and pictures from PDF? This article shares two online tools to convert PDF to Word and pictures for you: PDF to Word and PDF to JPG. Bookmark the links and try to use them; you will quickly solve most PDF problems.


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