Best ways to protect yourself from gaining weight this winters

Best ways to protect yourself from gaining weight this winters

Winters is all about staying in and enjoy the warmth of the comforter. But unfortunately, winter is also the time when your body is most susceptible to gain unwanted weight and a list of unwanted health problems.

Our body not only feels lethargic but also clothes feel stuffed than before not because of layering but of body weight. Winter is basically an official season when your body can easily grow weight from about 3-5 kgs.

Best ways to protect yourself from gaining weight this winters

Usually, in winters, the cold and gloomy days are most often spent indoors under a comforter. Which is one of the reasons behind gaining that unwanted weight. With little to no physical activity, everything gets stored up in our body as we don’t give our metabolism to work its normal function to convert fats into energy. Thus, one of the essentials of winters is to maintain a workout regime for your body and your peace of mind.

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Winter is the season of grey and gloom and tends to bring seasonal affective disorder along with it. With little to no sunlight, and curled up in a comforter our happy hormones seem to feel dizzy and gloomy which in turn leads to poor food choices, binge-eating, and overeating. Because we all know food is a source of happiness. So to not let SAD affect you and your body try to maintain a routine that involves a particular diet that makes you happy with adequate proportion and bathes in the sunlight whenever you get a chance. Who doesn’t love winter sun?

When it comes to gaining weight in winters everything is interconnected. We tend to eat rich in carbs and fat as they are warmer and helps with winter blues. But despite feeling good at the moment the effect it has is not so good on our body. So maintaining a healthy diet with the inclusion of all your favorite is a must. But the proportion should be adequate so as not to cause any harm or lead to weight gain in your body.

Winters for people who have diabetes and thyroid are harder than others. They tend to eat more often and hastily as their hormones are a bit worked up than usual. Thus consult a doctor when the pangs of hunger exceed then normal and maintain your diet.

Lastly, drink your water. Drinking water is essential whether it is summer or winter. It keeps you hydrated. As even a little dehydration may cause hunger pangs and lead up to unnecessary weight gain.

Drink water and stay healthy and fit this winter.



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