Berlin Netflix Web Series Review: Pedro Alonso Starrer Money Heist Spin-off is a Spellbinding Heist Thriller

Berlin Netflix Web Series Review: Pedro Alonso's portrayal of Berlin is nothing short of brilliant.


“Berlin,” an enthralling web series directed by David Barrocal, Geoffrey Cowper, and Albert Pintó, unfolds a gripping tale of heist and intrigue. With its stellar cast led by Pedro Alonso as Berlin, the series weaves a narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats across eight meticulously crafted episodes.


The storyline, penned by David Barrocal and David Oliva, centers around Berlin and his gang’s audacious plan to steal 44 million euros’ worth of jewels in a single night in the heart of Paris. The premise sets the stage for a thrilling narrative, and the series delivers on its promise with a combination of suspense, strategic plotting, and unexpected twists.

The pacing of “Berlin” is a standout feature, maintaining a perfect balance between character development and the unfolding heist. Each episode unfolds like a chapter in a gripping novel, revealing layers of the characters’ pasts while propelling the central plot forward. The directors’ skillful execution ensures that the audience remains engaged from the first episode to the last, making it a binge-worthy experience.

Pedro Alonso’s portrayal of Berlin is nothing short of brilliant. Alonso brings a magnetic charisma to the character, making Berlin a captivating figure with a complex mix of charm, intelligence, and a hint of enigma. His performance anchors the series, and the chemistry among the ensemble cast enhances the overall viewing experience. Tristán Ulloa, Michelle Jenner, Begoña Vargas, Joel Sánchez, and the rest of the cast deliver commendable performances, contributing to the series’ immersive atmosphere.

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The writing by Barrocal and Oliva deserves applause for its meticulous attention to detail. The intricacies of the heist, coupled with well-developed backstories for each character, add layers of depth to the narrative. The dialogue is sharp and engaging, enhancing the overall impact of key scenes. The series not only thrives on its thrilling heist premise but also explores the human side of the characters, providing a well-rounded viewing experience.

Berlin Netflix Web Series Review: Pedro Alonso Starrer Money Heist Spin-off is a Spellbinding Heist Thriller

The production quality of “Berlin” is top-notch, thanks to the collaboration between Atresmedia and Vancouver Media. The cinematography captures the essence of both Berlin and Paris, creating a visually stunning backdrop for the unfolding drama. The attention to detail in recreating the heist and its aftermath adds a layer of authenticity to the series, immersing viewers in the world of high-stakes crime.

Álex Pina’s role as the producer is evident in the series’ overall polish and coherence. Known for his work on “Money Heist,” Pina brings his expertise to “Berlin,” ensuring a seamless blend of suspense, drama, and character dynamics. The series maintains a consistent tone throughout, balancing moments of tension with subtle humor and emotional resonance.

The eight-episode format of “Berlin” works to its advantage, allowing for a concise yet impactful storytelling arc. The narrative unfolds at a pace that keeps viewers invested, and the well-defined structure ensures that each episode contributes meaningfully to the overarching plot. The A certificate attests to the series’ mature themes, adding an extra layer of intensity to the storytelling.

One of the strengths of “Berlin” lies in its ability to subvert expectations. Just when viewers think they have the heist figured out, the series takes a sharp turn, introducing new challenges and complications. This unpredictability keeps the audience engaged and adds an element of excitement to the viewing experience.

In conclusion, “Berlin” stands as a testament to the prowess of its creators and the talent of its cast. The series masterfully combines elements of heist, drama, and character-driven storytelling, creating a compelling narrative that is as intellectually satisfying as it is emotionally resonant. Pedro Alonso’s portrayal of Berlin is a standout performance, and the series as a whole sets a high standard for the genre. “Berlin” is a must-watch for fans of suspenseful storytelling and intricate heist plots.

Berlin Netflix Web Series
Berlin Netflix Web Series Review: Pedro Alonso Starrer Money Heist Spin-off is a Spellbinding Heist Thriller
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