Beast Trailer Launch, Sharukh’s Twitter Comment and Ban In Kuwait; Everything You Need To Know


If you still haven’t watched the trailer of Vijay’s ‘Beast,’ you’re missing all the action from the B-town. The hype of the upcoming movie is all that we can hear, whether on any social media. 

Even before its release, it is starting to gather controversy under its name. A thrashed theater in Tamilnadu banned screening in Kuwait, and comments from celebrities like Sharukh have got all the attention they can get. 


Let’s unravel everything we have to know about the ‘Beast’ movie. 

Recently Launched Trailer Is Spreading Like Wildfire

If you’re active on social media, you might also have noticed the trend of sharing the trailer of ‘Beast.’ As of now, the youtube trailer, which was launched three days back, has already crossed 40,548,176 views in total. 

Maybe there’s a little less visibility of the movie in the other Indian zones, but if we talk about the South, it’s getting crazier each day. 

Well! If you’ve already seen the trailer. The new Beast movie contains everything you would want to have in a South Indian Blockbuster. 

Sharukh Says He’s a Fan of Actor Vijay

Despite being the king Khan, he shared a Twitter post wishing the best of luck to the team of ‘Beast.’ Moreover, he ended the bar with the lines from the background song of the trailer, which says’ Leaner, Meaner… Stronger. Which is suggestive that he is one of those who have already watched the trailer. He also commented that he’s one of his fans of Vijay. 

Kuwait Banned The Screening Of ‘Beast’

Due to the terrorist shows belonging from a Muslim country and a direct attack on the same, Kuwait has banned the movie in the same region. While this is the reason that we all know, there’s no official statement released from the government’s side. 

Tamilnadu’s Theater Incur Damages During Screening

During a free screening, Ram Cinemas in Tirunelveli incurred heavy losses due to property damage. On asking the owner’s views, they said it was an unfortunate event. 

While all they did was allow the public to watch the film for free, the capacity hall with 800 seating was filled with more than double with 2000 people. Moreover, in the past, there were cases when people have died in the stampede during such screenings, and all the blame has to go to the hall owners only. 

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Beasts Villain Resembles Walter White From Breaking Bad

Everyone is talking about the main villain that we get to see in the trailer. Moreover, the popular topic of discussion is that the villain is an unmistakable resemblance to Walter White from Breaking Bad, an American Television Series. 

Now, who is behind that mask and what they are trying to accomplish is still unknown. But wait! You can unravel all that by going for the first day first show of ‘Beast’ on April 13th. 


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