Lock Your Aadhaar Card by Following These Simple Steps to Prevent Its Misuse

Lock Your Aadhaar Card by Following These Simple Steps to Prevent Its Misuse

Aadhaar is an essential document in India as it contains crucial information like demographic and biometric data and its importance has increased significantly over the years. It is required everywhere whether to file an ITR or opening a bank account, Aadhaar card is mandatory. Out of the two, keeping biometric data safe is necessary as it involves fingerprints, eye (iris) details, and your photo identity. That is why it is called unique identification of a person and it is an essential document for availing government subsidies too.

As technology is evolving with time, an increment in the number of cases of scams and hacks can easily be noticed. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to keep your identity hidden and restrain scammers from misusing it. That’s why people are afraid that somebody might hack into their bank account and disclose their personal information.

That’s why UIDAI has come up with a new idea for keeping biometric data safe for Aadhaar Card and it can only be kept safe by locking it online. This way a user’s data won’t be misused and will remain protected. It is very easy to lock the Aadhaar number with the help of SMS from the Aadhaar registered mobile number.

How to lock Aadhaar Number?

  1. Write GETOTP in SMS followed by the last four digits of your Aadhaar number and send it to 1947. You will receive a 6-digit OTP number on your registered mobile number.
  2. After receiving OTP, create another SMS by writing LOCKUID, followed by the last four digits of your Aadhaar number and the 6-digit OTP. Send it to 1947.
  3. After doing so, your Aadhaar Card will be locked.

Knowing that there are a lot of bank accounts that are not linked with the Aadhar card, Finance Minister Sh. Nirmala Sitharaman on 10 November 2020 asked banks to link their customer’s Aadhaar card with their respective bank accounts by 31 March 2021.

You can unlock your Aadhaar card anytime if you need to use your biometrics for verification, but you have to ensure that your registered mobile number (RMN) is still active. Just in case you no longer have your registered mobile number then you have to fill a form and submit it by visiting a nearby enrolment center.

There are certain things which should be taken under consideration when you lock your Aadhaar card:

  • Once you have locked your Aadhaar card, all the biometric-based authentication processes will roll out through One Time Password only, which is sent to your phone.
  • You will not be able to use biometrics as a primary authenticator, you have to submit a different identity proof in exchange for that.
  • Bank cannot access your biometric information which is stored in the main server, and this may lead to transaction failure.

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