Aryan Khan And Suhana Khan Step Into SRK’s Shoes At IPL Auction

Aryan Khan And Suhana Khan Step Into SRK’s Shoes At IPL Auction
Aryan Khan And Suhana Khan Step Into SRK’s Shoes At IPL Auction

During the IPL Auction event on 11th February, Aryan Khan and Suhana Khan filled in for Shahrukh Khan.The twitter handle of KKR gushed about giving generation-next a crash course in IPL Auction.

Previously, both the star kids represented KKR at the IPL Pre-Auction 2022 held on 10th February. Since then, pictures of them attending the event have gone viral.

Aryan Suhana at IPL Auction
Aryan Suhana at IPL Auction

Kolkata Knight Riders is an IPL team jointly-owned by Shahrukh Khan and Juhi Chawla. In the tweet shared by KKR, Aryan Khan and Suhana Khan can be seen sitting with Juhi Chawla’s daughter, Jhanvi Mehta. Moreover, the KKR CEO, Venky Mysore is also present with them.

Shahrukh Khan Absent During IPL Auction And Pre-Auction

Aryan Khan and Suhana Khan were both making up for the absence of their father. Shahrukh Khan was absent for both the IPL Auction and Pre-Auction 2022. During the IPL Pre-Auction 

2022, Aryan and Suhana were sitting with other managerial members of the KKR franchise.

Also, Aryan and Suhana were wearing masks. Moreover, Suhana wore a mask with KKR’s logo on it. Also, Juhi Chawla’s daughter was sitting at the KKR table. During last year’s auction, Jhanvi Mehta was the youngest bidder to be present at the event.

In the released photos, we can see the star kids paying close attention to the briefing. Additionally, Aryan was also talking to one of the managerial members.

Evidently, Aryan has represented his father during the IPL auction 2021. However, this is the first time that Suhana was present at an IPL auction.

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First Appearance Since Drug Raids In October 

This is the first public appearance of Aryan Khan since his arrest in October 2021 in a drug bust case. The star kid was in jail for over a month. He was subsequently released on bail.

Since the drug case, Shahrukh Khan has been keeping a low profile on social media. Moreover, the star has also been absent from public events. 

However, SRK was present during the cremation ritual of legendary singer, Lata Mangeshkar. 

Moreover, this also marks Suhana’s first public appearance since her brother’s bail. Soon to make her Bollywood debut, the star kid has recently returned from New York after pursuing her higher studies.

During last year’s IPL Pre-Auction, Juhi Chawla had shared a photo of Jhanvi and Aryan sitting at the auction table. She captioned the photo, “So happy to see both the KKR kids, Aryan and Jhanvi at the Auction Table.”

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