Are you a worthy UPSC aspirant? Check out the needed attributes


Union Public Service Commission receives around 10 lakh applications every year, but only 1% of the total applicants qualify for the main examination. Furthermore, of that 1%, only a handful get selected to represent the Indian service commission in 33 different fields. One can imagine the high level of competition for one of the toughest exams in the entire world. But what makes a UPSC aspirant successful. Are you one of the few who can make it to the finish line? Do you have the skill-set to break through India’s most challenging entrance exam? We have answered it all to remove any doubt you might have.

List of qualities required for being a successful UPSC aspirant:

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Unwavering Will:

The first and most significant feature that a student must have to qualify for the UPSC examination is the courage and will to face any adverse situation without second-guessing their ultimate goal and targets. No matter how hard the calamity is or how big the setback one suffers, the unwavering will to stand against everything or anything is the key to success.


UPSC is the toughest exam in India, so it is heavily possible that it might require a lot of attempts over several years before the aspirant can crack the examination. But only those students who can keep focusing even if they fail a quite few times are ultimately able to reach the end goal. One needs to have patience and perseverance to get past the prelims and mains in UPSC.

Constant Improvement:

An aspirant needs to continuously evolve and critically pay attention to his progress in preparing for UPSC examinations. Only those who are willing to improve themselves in the dynamic, ever-changing environment constantly are deemed to be successful in UPSC. Improving one’s fault and area of expertise is one of the most basic and perhaps the most significant area that an aspirant needs to work on.

All-around Senses:


A UPSC aspirant should not only be confined to books but must keep notice of the facts and happenings in the world around him. Successful candidates are aware of the current scenarios and issues of concern in the worldwide arena. One needs to regularly monitor and keep oneself interested and curious about new topics and matters of interest to society. 

Moral Integrity:

A UPSC aspirant with the will to serve others and achieve greater glory for their country is most likely to be selected by the panel at UPSC interviews. Only those willing to get into the Indian administration without any self-interest and personal gains get preferred to serve the Indians in various departments. Moral conscience and integrity are a must for a UPSC aspirant.

Time Management:

With adequate time management, any individual, whether a working person or a homemaker, can succeed in UPSC exams. One needs to form a particular schedule according to his time preferences and be disciplined to stick to it in the longer term. If done correctly and regularly, this efficient exercise greatly benefits those pursuing jobs in Union Public Service Commission.


Last but not least, only hard work and dedication can carry a UPSC aspirant to the goal. It does not matter if you are born talented or not; the commitment to stick to your principles is enough to take you far ahead of anyone. In this world of brutal competition, hard work trumps natural talent, so keep doing what you are doing with the focus that nothing in your way can stop you from achieving the desired result.




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