Aadhaar Updates: 7 Easy steps to change old photo on Aadhar card


In India, the majority of Aadhaar subscribers registered for the documentation years ago. This is why the photo on the Aadhaar Card does not always connect with the user. If this applies to you, you can simply change the photo on your Aadhaar Card by following a few simple procedures. An Aadhaar card has biometric data, a photo, a mobile number, and a location for the cardholder.

UIDAI Guidelines:

The Aadhaar number is currently issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). The service also assists cardholders with Aadhaar Card modifications. Cardholders must go to the authorized UIDAI portal to update information such as their address, phone number, location, and photos, among other things.

UIDAI Guidelines

In some situations, cardholders must additionally visit a local Aadhaar Enrollment Facility to implement adjustments to their Aadhaar card. Therefore, which contains a 12-digit identifying number. To change the details on their Aadhaar Card, cardholders must additionally pay an upgrading fee, which may be paid online or at Aadhaar Enrollment Sites. The fee is determined by the service.

When a cardholder initiates an upgrade to their Aadhaar card, they are given an acknowledgment code. The entire procedure of altering the information on the Aadhaar card takes no more than 90 days. Once the information has been changed on a portal. Cardholders can obtain a newer version from the official UIDAI webpage or obtain a printed copy.

Here are the 7 easy steps verified by Flickonclick to easily update your Aadhar card with the latest photo, Address, and mobile number.

  • To upgrade your Aadhaar, visit the UIDAI webpage at https://uidai.gov.in/my-aadhaar/update-aadhaar.html.
  • Fill out the Aadhaar Registration Form with the necessary details.
  • Fill out the form with the requested information and drop it off at the closest Aadhaar Enrollment Center.
  • Before taking a fresh photo, the official at the site will verify the information.
  • You must pay a fee of Rs 100 + GST to update your photo on your Aadhaar Card.
  • Following payment, you will receive a confirmation slip including the Update Request Number (URN).
  • It takes 90 days time to change photo on your Aadhaar card

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