7 Best Ullu Hot Web Series to Watch in 2023

Check out the best Ullu hot web series to watch right now!


Ullu hot web series are known for their hotness quotient, which ranks above any other digital streaming platform. The hottest and sexiest Ullu web series is one of the most searched shows on Google. Ullu has established itself as one of the premium destinations to stream hot web series in 2023. Here we have covered the best Ullu hot web series you should watch.

7 Best Ullu Hot Web Series

7 Best Ullu Hot Web Series to Watch

1- Shahad Part 2

Shahad Part 2 is one of the most trending Ullu hot web series that stars the actress Priya Gamre in the lead. The show follows the tussle of love between Roopa and Sharad. Sharad’s secret desires are unravelled by Roopa, which leaves them both in a stalemate in this Ullu hot web series.

2- Teekhi Chutney Part 1

Aditya, who is full of the spirit of adventure, decides to take Jenny on a road trip to his homeland. Aditya arrives at his home but leaves right away due to a pressing business problem, leaving Jenny alone with his parents. Randhir, Aditya’s father, seems to replace the romantic void Jenny feels without Aditya. This is currently one of the most popular Ullu hot web series to watch.

3- Sultan Part 1

Sultan is a celebrity buffalo who is adored by the family for his amazing virility and the buzz of the community. Deepu, the useless only kid of the family who constantly hides in Sultan’s shadows, is the only person who truly despises Sultan.

4- Lady Finger Part 2

Lady Finger Part 2 is a thrilling Ullu hot web series to watch. Sarla’s suspicions are confirmed by Jhanvi’s revelation that Dev is, in fact, having an extramarital affair with Sarla. Instead of telling Sarla about it, Jhanvi confronts Dev and begins formulating a larger scheme. The situation takes a cunning turn as Jhanvi unavoidably falls for Sarla while spying on her husband, causing chaos in everyone’s life.

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5- Lady Finger Part 1

The first part of Lady Finger is equally Ullu hot web series to Lady Finger Part 1. Sarla and Dev’s marriage is going through a difficult time, and she is unsure of Dev’s faithfulness to her. To find out what Dev’s true motivations are, she and her companion Jhanvi organise a rogue operation. But little did she realise that Sarla would become entangled in her own web of deceitful schemes.

6- Ishqiyapa Part 2

Karan’s heart is broken in two, exactly like his romantic life. One is Mohini, his brother’s fiancée and the love of his life, and the other is Haayat, who adores Karan dearly. Karan keeps squeezing in and out of their lives as long as he has the opportunity. But in the end, Karan’s unrequited love brings him to a fork in the road where all paths lead to his own suffering. It is one of the best Ullu hot web series to watch right now.

7- Client No 7

After receiving an emergency call from the endearing woman Moni, a responsible police officer, arrives at a lonely cottage. She describes how she killed her boyfriend in self-defence, and the officer quickly comes to care for her because of her innocent and outgoing personality. But is Moni’s account accurate, or is the officer destined to join the ranks of “Client No. 7” as another client?

This wraps up our list of the best Ullu hot web series to watch right now. If you found this useful, follow us on Google News.

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