6 Secrets of Janhvi Kapoor that you probably don’t Know


Janhvi Kapoor is a new heat in the Indian film industry and one of the prettiest actresses in Bollywood, she is born to famous filmmaker Boney Kapoor and popular Indian actress Lt. Sridevi. She began acting in 2018 with the romance comedy Dhadak, and she has since appeared in movies such as Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl, Roohi, and her most recent debut, Good Luck Jerry. Given that Janhvi works in the entertainment world, she must constantly experiment with her looks and alter her image, whether in movies or on the red carpet. But this beautiful face has a lot of secrets that would be interesting to disclose about her.

Here is a list of the 6 secrets of Janhvi Kapoor that you probably don’t know

She rejected working with Mahesh Babu

Janhvi rejected working with Mahesh Babu

At the start of her career, Janhvi Kapoor was awarded to work in the movie of South Celebrity Mahesh Babu. Janhvi had this opportunity before Dhadak for a Telugu movie directed by A.R. Murgadas. However, Janhvi turned down the picture. She reportedly refused to work on the film because of her age gap with Mahesh Babu. In the first picture, she refused to cooperate with any such talent.

Janhvi was not comfortable working with Sara and Ranveer Singh in Simba

Few people are aware that Rohit Shetty helmed the picture. At the time of the Simba shooting Janhvi Kapoor was also on the list. However, it is stated that Janhvi and Sara were handed the storyline of the script for this movie. There was also a discussion with Janhvi Kapoor about this project, but Janhvi was not happily making a film with a major actor like Ranveer Singh at the moment, so she backed out and Sara got the role.

Janhvi Broke up with Akshat Rajan and started dating Ishaan Khatter

Janhvi Broke up with Akshay Rajan

Janhvi Kapoor’s love life has always been in the spotlight. She has previously been connected to Ishaan Khatter and Kartik Aaryan. People have been talking about her old photos with Akshat Rajan. In 2016, it was reported that Janhvi Kapoor and Akshat Rajan were dating. This was before her release with Dhadak. Her alleged relationship with Ishaan Khatter was also said to have generated some friction.

She went to the shooting the day after cremating her mom

In a tragic twist of fate, Sridevi died before Janhvi Kapoor made her film debut. Janhvi Kapoor, on the other hand, appeared on the sets barely a day after the cremation ritual, claiming that she would have destroyed it otherwise. “I feared I was going insane if I didn’t do that.” And I guarantee you I would have if I hadn’t had Dhadak. “There would have been no life’s purpose to keep me motivated if I hadn’t had the chance to perform or appear in front of the camera,” she had stated.

Mother’s career of choice

Janhvi’s mom, famous actress Sridevi, was opposed to her daughter following in her footsteps professionally. Yes, you read that correctly: Sridevi wished for Janhvi Kapoor to pursue a career as a doctor. When her daughter disclosed her plans to become an actor, her adoring mother became her daughter’s staunchest supporter.

Janhvi’s secret trip to Vegas

Janhvi revealed on Kareena Kapoor Khan‘s chat show that she had taken an unexpected vacation to Vegas without her father’s permission. “I lied to him and told him I was going to see a film, but I took a plane from LA to Vegas.” I wandered about Vegas and returned in the morning, and he had no idea. But I think that was part of the fun.

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