5 New Web Series to Watch on Alt Balaji


Are you looking to watch some new and latest web series that are filled with the ultimate joys of life? Here we have listed some of the new web series that will surprise you. The trending and latest web series in this list are completely new, and we believe you won’t have seen most of these until now. Below are some of the new web series on Alt Balaji.

New Hot Web Series

5 New Web Series to Watch on Alt Balaji

1- Class of 2017


This is a new web series that is filled with tension and drama on Alt Balaji. You can watch this latest web series online on the OTT platform Alt Balaji right now. What happens when the lives of a few teenagers get intertwined with daily troubles of life? Do they crumble, or do they rise up? This is the story that this new web series follows.

2- Bekaaboo

Kiyaan Roy’s bestselling novel gifts him with a life that appears as perfect as a heavenly dream. However, the deepest corners of his heart desire a different kind of pleasure. Find out what happens with Kiyaan in this new web series on Alt Balaji by streaming it right now.

3- Fittrat

Tanisha grew up wanting to live a luxe life and own everything that shines. She moves from Dehradun to Delhi, hunting for ‘honey with money’ with her rich BFF, Amy. This new web series on Alt Balaji is one of the best shows to watch online.

4- Hai Taubba

Hai Taubba is an anthology series that addresses multiple concepts. It sheds light on some of the social issues. It’s a thought-provoking new web series to watch on Alt Balaji. The latest drama is known for its stories that will make you brood.

5- Gandii Baat Season 6

Gandii Baat 6 is a brand-new season ready to take on the world with its intriguing and suspenseful episodes. The new episodes of Gandii Baat 6 subtly unravel the stories revolving around mysteries that will surprise you. This web series on Alt Balaji is popular for its great stories, and the new season justifies the hype around it.


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