6 Long Earring Styles Trending in 2022 for Women and Men


Earrings are one jewellery piece prized by both men and women alike. A pair of earrings can instantly alter the attitude of your outfit. Whether you want to look casual, funky, cool, chic, or elegant, there’s an earring for every mood. 

However, the latest earring trend that’s making the round in 2022 is the long earring style. So let’s check out the most loved long earring for women and men in 2022.


Long Earring Styles

Big Hoop Earrings

The one earring that never goes out of trend is the hoop earring. Gold and silver hoop earrings in every size continue to be a popular choice today. While simple hoops can be worn every day, embellished hoops are made for special occasions to elevate your ensemble by many degrees. A colourful hoop can add a burst of colour to your otherwise dull ensemble. You can also wear different styles, colours, and textures to create a unique, fashion-forward look.

The best things about hoops are their versatility -you can match them with any outfit. While hoops are mainly associated with turtle neck sweaters, they can be perfectly styled with any of your daily or even nightly outfits—many women rock hoops with casual shirts, t-shirt, and dresses.

Drop Earrings

The other fashionable earrings doing the rounds are drop earrings. Drop earrings are pretty and feminine and will give you the perfect girly look. They are most popularly styled with trendy jumpsuits to look effortlessly fashionable. Drop earrings look great with off-shoulder tops as well. You can complete the look with a cute feminine hairstyle and a pretty clutch.

Like hoops, drop earrings also come in many styles and colours. You can either colour coordinate them with your outfit or wear contrasting colours that stand out. Colourful drops earrings could be a great addition to your summer-spring collection. Additionally, you can also wear them to brighten your dull winter outfits.

In India, chandelier earring is a popular choice of drop earring for ethnic functions. Chandelier earrings resemble the decorative hanging lights named after and are magnificent. Their size, decoration, and shiny stones make them a glamorous piece to wear for events and ramps.

Chain Link Earrings

Chain designs have made a comeback in recent years. More and more designers are adding it to their collection of edgy jewellery. These earnings use two or more metal strands to create a dangling chain. Some chain earrings also include other components such as gemstones, semi-precious stones, and enamel.

Chain earrings vary in size and can be worn on multiple occasions. You can wear them through a single piercing or loop them through multiple piercings to create a bold look. Related chain earrings go with multiple outfits, both traditional and modern depending on their size and style. Even men are seen sporting these earrings on many occasions.

Sculpture Earrings

We saw the increasing fondness for metal jewellery in 2021, and their popularity is expected to soar much higher in 2022. Earrings featuring geometric shapes are unique and elegant and are bound to lift your outfit a notch higher. Try them with a simple or solid coloured outfit, and watch them add personality to your ensemble. 

Sculpture earrings are best suited for formal events. But remember to keep other jewellery minimal while wearing them. Keep your hair in a low bun or tie a ponytail to draw maximum attention to the earrings.

Mismatched Earring

The mismatched earring trend is one of the strongest trends in 2022. You’ve matched your earrings for way too long. Now is the time to do something unexpected and playful- purposely mismatch your earrings. Several celebrities have tried the look and made a fashion statement. You can mismatch their size, colour, length, design, or all.

However, since this style is highly eccentric, there are a few things you need to consider before picking these up. Decide your style first and choose the material accordingly. Also, consider whether you want them to stand out or wear them as understated pieces for daily use.

Mismatching is a unique way of expressing your individuality, and you should try it. Not only women’s but mismatched mens earring is also equally popular. Get a pair today if you do not already have one.  

Long Pearl Earrings

Everyone loves the timeless appeal and elegance that pearl earrings bring. But you do not always have to stick with the traditional way of wearing pearls. The recent years have seen many modern updates being incorporated into pearl designs. They are now available in unique shapes, colours, metal works, and interesting accents. Many women prefer pearls for formal events, but they go equally well with a semi-formal or a casual look.

Final Words

These six long earrings for women most trending in 2022 are a must-have in your wardrobe collection. Men’s earrings are also creating a lot of buzz in the fashion world nowadays. Follow the guide above and choose the best earring as per your taste, mood, and occasion.

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