5 Tips To Increase Success In Horse Race


There are few harder sports in the world of sports betting to find winners than horse racing. Successful bettors often have to put hours of preparation into making their wagers, which includes looking at a number of factors that could impact a runner’s chances of winning a certain race.

Betting on the big races can often be time-consuming, and you can often feel yourself going to and from certain runners. However, what are some tips that you should follow in order to increase your chances of landing successful bets on horse racing?

5 Tips To Increase Success In Horse Race

Assess The Favorite

When it comes to the horse racing betting markets, the favourite is always at the top of the betting for a reason. However, that doesn’t always mean that, as a punter, you should side with the selection. 

Bettors should still do the research, and finding a good tool to calculate the odds is important. We recommend the trifecta betting calculator by TwinSpires, which can help you a lot.

And if there is nothing to like about the favorite, then you should bet on it. However, there are also bettors that often overlook the short-priced selection as they look to find value elsewhere in the market. 

However, this is also never a good idea, as the favorite has always been assigned to be the best horse in the race. Listen, we are not saying to always back the favorite, but do the research to examine whether the short-priced selection is really the best horse in the field.

Find The Right Market

There are so many betting markets when it comes to horse racing that you will always find an angle that suits your betting style. Whether that is betting on the winner, or finding an outsider that could run into a place. 

Finding the right market is an essential factor in getting successful results, and that means assessing whether you should go for a win or place play. 

Typically, if you’re looking at a selection that is 10/1 or bigger, then a place play may be the best angle, as you will still get returns should the selection finish second. However, if you’re looking at a horse around 4/1 or shorter, then place betting isn’t likely the most successful strategy, as the returns should the selection finish second would be incredibly slim. 

Do The Research

It goes without saying, but research is integral when it comes to making successful bets on horse racing action. 

This includes studying the latest form of the runners involved and assessing whether they have a successful winning streak and experience over the distance that they will be competing over. 

Furthermore, extra emphasis should be placed on whether runners have had winning runs over the same track, and the form of connections involved should also be studied. 

Examining younger runners on the flat will also mean looking at the pedigree of the horse, as this will be the best indication of whether a certain distance will suit. 

Have A Plan

All bettors looking for long-term success should have a plan as to what they wish to achieve. This includes when it comes to making wagers. Bankroll management is especially important for those looking to ensure their horse racing experience is a positive one. Bettors should set a limit on how much they wish to wager over a weekly period, and not exceed it. 

Exceeding the money that you wish to spend is poor management and often leads to bettors losing their enjoyment experience betting on the sport. 

Shop Around

The odds are vitally important when it comes to betting on horse racing. The main reason for this is down to the fact that there could often be a big difference on a selection depending on the sportsbook that you are wagering with.

Therefore, after nailing down the selection that you wish to bet on, you should shop around the different sportsbooks to ensure that you get the best price. This is an excellent long-term strategy, as it ensures that you win more on winning selections.

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