5 Essential Saree Styles Every Fashion Enthusiast Should Own


The grace and elegance that sarees for women exude is something that any other traditional style cannot match. While we have a wide variety of conventional dresses in India, the class and allure of a saree are beyond any competition. From the sumptuous appeal of the silk sarees to the flamboyant nature of the chiffon ones, sarees for women can effortlessly elevate one’s personality and style without having to do too much. And if you are a fashionista, then having a couple of sarees in your wardrobe is a MUST!

Even though stocking up on sarees is something that one can’t get enough of, there are some essential designs of sarees for women that you must introduce in your fashion closet. In this blog, we have jotted down some of the trendiest yet essential sarees for women, which can be an absolute game-changer!


Wardrobe Upgrade with Trending Sarees for Women

5 Essential Saree Styles Every Fashion Enthusiast Should Own

Without wasting any further time, let us dive straight into the stylish sarees for women that you must incorporate into your closet. Let’s begin. 

Embroidered Sarees 

When you have to get ready for a party, a celebration, or even a ceremonial Puja, embroidered sarees in cheerful and vibrant colours save the day. Sarees for women embellished with mirror accents, sequins, and tassels and heavily embroidered can be a perfect pick.

Printed Sarees

One style that has always stayed high on the trend chart is the printed saree. From vivacious psychedelic prints to abstract prints, sarees that are graced with charming prints have always found a place in the diverse wardrobes of women. Floral print sarees or ethnic motifs print sarees are some of the top saree choices for women. Not just conventional drapes, you can even explore printed ready to wear sarees to make your wardrobe shine!

Monotone Sarees

If you are a personal cheerleader for minimal styling, then the best style you can pick for a saree is a monotone. It can effortlessly be a terrific option, as it is classy and convenient. Get ready to make a bold fashion statement by styling sarees for women in bold colours.

Ruffled Sarees 

One of the newest additions to the category of sarees is the traditional and ready to wear sarees with ruffled detailing. These styles are a massive rage among young women. We have seen many Bollywood divas dressing up in these ruffled sarees during their media appearances, which is also why this style is garnering popularity among the majority of the women’s population. 

Fusion Sarees

If you are a fan of Indo-Western looks, then fusion sarees will be a great fit for your fashion preferences. Ready to wear sarees with silhouettes such as Lehenga sarees, Palazzo sarees, Dhoti sarees, etc. can provide a mix of contemporary and traditional styling. You can explore a wide range of ready to wear sarees to make a unique fashion statement wherever you go.


By now, you might have made up your mind about which saree styles you have to befriend in 2024, right? You can find all these styles at online market stores like Libas.in, which is a leading ethnic fashion brand exclusive to women’s clothing. Explore and upgrade your wardrobe today.


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