Anant Ambani Wedding Budget Revealed- Rihanna’s Fees for Pre-Wedding Celebration will Shock You!

Rihanna has charged a huge amount for her performance


Anant Ambani & Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding celebrations have kicked off in Jamnagar and celebrities and significant global personalities have joined the extraordinary wedding extravaganza. It is said that the budget of Anant Ambani’s wedding to Radhika Merchant is more than Rs 1,000 Crore.

The budget is equivalent to the 0.1% of Mukesh Ambani’s net worth. The wedding is going to become bigger than a lot of businesses in India during the ongoing financial year. From Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Rihanna and many more have joined the celebrations. Both the global and Indian celebrities are part of the pre-wedding celebrations.

Anant Ambani Wedding Budget Revealed- Rihanna's Fees for Pre-Wedding Celebration will Shock You!

The pop-icon Rihanna is one of the most noteworthy guests in the pre-wedding celebrations of Ambani’s. Rihanna is slated to perform today on various songs including some romantic songs. She has said that she is thankful for being invited to the world’s biggest wedding celebration. Rihanna also said that she wanted to visit India for quite a long time and finally her dream has been realised.

The pop-icon recently became a mother and her last performance was at the super bowl. She has charged a sensational amount as her fee for the Ambani’s wedding celebrations. Reportedly, Rihanna is getting Rs 52 Crore for her performance in the Ambani wedding.

Rihanna, famed for her lively dance tunes and heartfelt love songs, is gearing up to deliver an electrifying setlist. Leaked rehearsal footage confirms she’ll perform hits like ‘Diamonds’ and ‘All of the Lights’. Reports suggest her lineup will also feature crowd favorites such as ‘B***h Better Have My Money’, ‘Birthday Cake’, ‘Right Now’, ‘Wild Thoughts’, ‘Stay’, and ‘Love On The Brain’, ensuring a perfect mix of anthems to set the mood for the occasion.


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