4 Places Where Foreign Tourists Visit The Most & How Many Have You Visited Yet?

A large number of foreign tourists come to visit India. You will find foreign tourists everywhere in India from north to south.  


India has been a center of attraction for tourists from all over the world for a long time. The hill stations, historical places and tourist places here attract tourists. India’s forts, palaces, waterfalls, lakes and valleys win the hearts of tourists. There are many places in India which are more beautiful than abroad. There is an influx of foreign tourists from Nainital to Rishikesh, Coorg in Karnataka, Auli in Uttarakhand and Shimla-Manali in Himachal. A large number of foreign tourists come to India from North to South. Although foreign tourists come to visit tourist places in every state of India, but there are some places where a lot of foreign tourists come. In this article, we will tell you about the places where foreign tourists come the most.  

Jaipur and Varanasi

A large number of foreign tourists come to Jaipur and Varanasi. Jaipur is pink city. Foreign tourists come here to see the culture and handicrafts of Rajasthan. Jaipur’s market, royal palaces, forts and tourist places attract foreign guests. In Jaipur, foreign tourists visit places like Amer Fort, City Palace etc. Like the traditional food here. The culture of Jaipur attracts foreign tourists. Similarly, Varanasi is the center of foreign guests. Varanasi is a religious city of India, due to which it always attracts foreign tourists. Here you will see a large number of foreign tourists on the Ganga ghats. You will see foreign guests roaming in the narrow streets of Varanasi.


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Agra and Auli

Similarly, a large number of foreign tourists come to Agra and Auli also. Foreign tourists come to Agra to see the Taj Mahal and visit the Agra Fort. Most of the foreign guests come to Agra to see the Red Fort, a symbol of love. Every foreign guest coming to India definitely sees the Taj Mahal once. Similarly, Auli, the mini Switzerland of India, also receives a large number of foreign tourists. Auli Hill Station is very beautiful and foreign tourists come here for skiing. The beauty of this hill station attracts foreign tourists.


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