15 Telugu Thriller Movies to Watch on Netflix

Best Telugu Thriller Movies On Netflix


Embark on an electrifying cinematic journey with our curated selection of “15 Telugu Thriller Movies to Watch on Netflix.” Get enthralled by various suspenseful narratives, intricate plots, and powerhouse performances. 

15 Telugu Thriller Movies to Watch on Netflix

From heart-stopping suspense to mind-bending mysteries, these films represent the epitome of Telugu cinema’s prowess in the thriller genre. Immerse yourself in a world of intrigue and excitement that will have you on the edge of your seat.

15 Telugu Thriller Movies to Watch on Netflix

1. Virupaksha

The gripping movie “Virupaksha” takes its audience on a compelling journey with love, betrayal, and a search for atonement. This cinematic gem creates a captivating story that captures viewers’ attention from start to finish. The movie is about love and its subtle difficulties.

2. Dasara

The movie is set in Veerlapally, a caste-based community where males control the liquor industry, and women feel unsatisfied. The main character, Dharani (Nani), is a man who uses alcohol to cope with his extreme anxiety.

3. Major

The movie has the ideal balance of drama and is based on several actual events, which draws in the viewer. It walks the audience through Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s remarkable life and explains how he made the unthinking decision to sacrifice his life for the nation’s good.

4. Shyam Singha Roy

Rahul Sankrityan looks to have carved out a special place for himself by writing stories that blend science fiction, fantasy, and other genres. Shyam Singha Roy, with a scenario by Janga Satyadev, depicts the story of a guy who is troubled by his history, in contrast to Taxiwaala, his debut film. Even if the information given may not be very novel, the way it occurs usually keeps you intrigued. The majority of the first half of the film is devoted to Vasu’s tale, with Shyam Singha Roy just making a fleeting appearance.

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5. W/O Ram

Deeksha decides to launch her inquiry to identify the murderers after learning that the police are delaying their probe into her husband’s death. But as she draws closer to the truth, she brings some dangerous characters to trouble.

6. Amigos

A Telugu action-thriller movie called Amigos tells the tale of three men with similar appearances who become buddies. It examines the unexpected turns that occur when one of them becomes a criminal. The film is renowned for its soundtrack, comic situations, and acting performances, and it stars Brahmaji and Nithin Prasanna as the key characters.

7. THIMMARUSU: Assignment Vali

Thumarusu: Assignment Vali Under the banner of East Coast Productions, S Originals, Mahesh S. Koneru, Yarabolu Srujan, and Sharan Koppisetty have created the legal criminal thriller film in the Indian Telugu language by Sharan Koppisetty who also directed.

8. Neevevaro

While falling in love and beginning to make plans for the future with Kalyan, a blind chef, and Vennela, a guest at his restaurant, Vennela vanishes. Then a slew of stunning and unexpected things happens.

9. Manu

Raja Goutham and Chandini Chowdary play vital parts in the Telugu film Manu. Featuring Naresh Kumaran as a musician and Phanindra Narsetti as the director, it is a mystery romantic thriller.

10. Red 

The twins in the narrative are identical. Aditya (Ram Pothineni) is a robber and a gambler, whereas Siddharth (Ram Pothineni) is a civil engineer by trade. However, Siddharth is detained after a man named Akash is killed, and while he is being investigated, he learns that Aditya was also engaged in the case. This development in the plot causes a dramatic shift.

11.  Andhakaram

Three significant people form the core of the plot. Cricket coach Vindo (Arjun Das) always feels someone is in his room. He is pretty afraid of them and occasionally senses their spirit. Surya (Vinoth) is a blind guy who works at a library and has specific magical skills inherited from his father. Dr. Indran (Kumar Natarajan) is a physician.

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12.  Maamannan

The father-son team of Maamannan and Veera is the film’s focus, and the plot follows them as they overcome the challenges put forth by their competitor Rathnavelu to seize control of the political landscape.

13. Godfather

The political leader’s unexpected death throws his party into turmoil. Unexpectedly, a mystery individual named Brahmaa (Chiranjeevi) assumes the role of that politician’s political successor. The film is a remake of Lucifer, a 2019 Malayalam film.

14. Wild Dog

An NIA agent named Wild Dog, also known as Vijay Varma is brought back to the field from a desk position to handle a terrorism case. Despite having personal motivation, he goes to great lengths to see justice done for the nation’s benefit.

15. Doctor

A military doctor chooses to intervene after his fiancée’s niece is abducted. This choice will lead him on a dangerous expedition to find a human trafficking organization.


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