15 Must Watch K-Dramas on Viki in 2023

Here are the best K-Dramas to watch on the Viki app in 2023.


Korean Dramas have gotten hugely popular over the course of last few years. People of all age groups from different parts of the world are hooked on to the great storylines of K-Dramas. Viki app has some of the most exciting and interesting K-Dramas that you can stream for free in 2023. These Korean Dramas will make you fall in love with the Korean culture and heritage.

15 Must Watch K-Dramas on Viki in 2023

15 Best K-Dramas on Viki to Watch in 2023

1- Tale of the Nine Tailed

The nine-tailed fox, a revered guardian spirit of Baekdudaegan, chose to leave his position and search for his lost love’s reincarnation. With determination, he embarked on a hopeful journey through known and mystical lands, guided by ancient whispers and ethereal spirits. His quest aimed to rediscover the eternal bond that transcended time. It is one of the best mythical romantic K-Dramas on Viki to watch in 2023.

2- W

While investigating her father’s mysterious vanishing, a surgeon finds herself unexpectedly transported to an alternate universe. In this unfamiliar realm, she encounters a man who has endured a devastating tragedy within his family. Driven by compassion and a desire for justice, the surgeon dedicates herself to assisting him in uncovering the truth and identifying the perpetrator responsible for the horrific event. This is surely among the best romantic K-Dramas on Viki in 2023.

3- Reborn Rich

After a loyal employee is tragically murdered, he finds himself reincarnated as the youngest son of the powerful conglomerate family that he served. Fueled by a thirst for justice, he sets out on a quest for revenge against the entire influential family. With his newfound position and knowledge from his past life, he strategizes and works diligently to dismantle the corrupt empire that caused his demise. Reborn Rich is a thrilling K-Drama that should definitely be on your watchlist in the Viki app.

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4- So I Married an Anti-Fan

Geun-yeong finds herself unemployed after a misunderstanding with Kpop star Hu Jun leads to her dismissal. Fueled by resentment, she becomes his anti-fan, expressing her discontent towards him. Unexpectedly, Geun-yeong becomes a participant on a reality TV show, where she is paired up with Hu Jun in a virtual marriage. This unexpected turn of events forces her to confront her feelings and perceptions of the Kpop star, leading to a complex journey of personal growth. It is both comedic and emotional Korean Drama which makes it a must watch on Viki in 2023.

5- Hotel Del Luna

In the enchanting tale of Hotel Del Luna, a successful hotelier finds himself unexpectedly appointed as the manager of a remarkable establishment. The mystical hotel operates exclusively during the nighttime and caters exclusively to spirits. The protagonist’s journey begins when he becomes entangled in a fateful event that leads him to this extraordinary realm. It is one of the biggest hits of 2019 and surely a must watch for fantasy romance K-Drama lovers.

6- The Heirs

In a story of love and resilience, a young couple from vastly different backgrounds must navigate a complex web of societal restrictions and challenge the established norms upheld by influential families. Despite belonging to families with contrasting social statuses, they are determined to overcome the barriers that stand in their way. It is among the most underrated K-Dramas on Viki to watch in 2023.

7- Bride of the Water God

Another romantic K-Drama that is among the top rated shows on Viki in 2023, Bride of the Water God is top-notch in all aspects. In a tale of divine ambition and unexpected love, a narcissistic god descends to Earth in search of a powerful stone that holds the key to his rightful throne. To aid him in his quest, he enlists the assistance of a skeptical psychiatrist who, unbeknownst to her, is destined to become his wife. As they embark on this extraordinary journey together, their relationship evolves, and the psychiatrist must grapple with her skepticism of his divine origins.

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8- Love in Contract

With abundant talent and irresistible charm, Choi Sang Eun embodies the epitome of an ideal partner. However, rather than seeking a husband for herself, she has opted to utilize her abilities as a contract marriage manager. This unique role allows her to leverage her skills in orchestrating temporary unions for others. There is no shortage of romantic Korean Dramas on Viki and this one is definitely a must watch among all of them.

9- Mouse

Coming back to thrillers, Mouse is an enthralling K-Drama on Viki that will keep you guessing. Bareum, a rookie police officer stationed at Gudong Police Office, diligently handles the misbehavior and disturbances occurring in the town. But everything changes when fate pairs him up with Muchi, a renowned and somewhat infamous detective, to capture a dangerous psychopathic criminal. Together, they form an unlikely alliance, combining their distinct skills and perspectives in the pursuit of justice.

10- Backstreet Rookie

Viki is one of the best apps to watch heartwarming K-Dramas for free and Backstreet Rookie is just exactly that kind of series. A reformed troublemaker seeks employment at a convenience store owned by the person who once ran errands for her in the past. This unexpected reunion brings their lives full circle, as they now find themselves on opposite sides of the employer-employee dynamic.

11- Flower of Evil

Detective Cha Ji-Won enters into marriage with Baek Hee-Sung, and together they have a daughter. On the surface, he appears to be a devoted family man, but little do they know that he is leading a double life, hiding a secret identity. This intricate deception adds layers of complexity to their seemingly ordinary lives, as they navigate the delicate balance between love, trust, and the unknown. This romantic thriller K-Drama is a surefire must watch on Viki in 2023.

12- Just Between Lovers

Three individuals, all personally affected by the devastating collapse of a building, strive to navigate their relationships amidst the haunting pain caused by the tragedy. Each of them has suffered the loss of a loved one in the incident. As they come together, they find solace and support in one another’s presence, forming a bond forged through shared grief and understanding. It is a heartwarming K-Drama that you do not want to miss out on Viki.

13- Why Her?

Oh Soo-jae, a skilled lawyer, finds herself entangled in an unforeseen legal case that challenges her expertise and convictions. During her time at law school, she crosses paths with Gong Chan, a fellow student who becomes enamored with her. Gong Chan’s deep affection for Oh Soo-jae drives him to go to great lengths to shield and safeguard her, even in the face of adversity. Mix and match of romance and thrill makes Why Her? a must watch K-Drama on the Viki app in 2023.

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14- The Penthouse

A determined woman strives to climb the social ladder by becoming the coveted “queen” of a luxurious penthouse on the prestigious 100th floor in Gangnam. With aspirations of entering high society, she embarks on a mission to secure her place among the elite. This journey explores themes of ambition, status, and the lengths individuals go to fulfill their desires and gain acceptance within exclusive circles. This hard hitting Korean Drama is a must watch on Viki.

15- Memorist

Dong Baek, a detective with the unique ability of psychometry, collaborates with profiler Han Sunmi to apprehend criminals using his extraordinary superpower. Together, they form a formidable team in the pursuit of justice, working tirelessly to track down various criminals, including notorious serial killers. This captivating narrative explores the thrilling world of crime-solving, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between Dong Baek’s ability to read objects and Sunmi’s expertise in profiling the minds of criminals. Definitely, a must watch crime thriller K-Drama on the Viki app.


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