10 Hidden Features of Netflix that you must know


It’s difficult to fathom life before Netflix. That’s all there is to it. For good reason, the streaming service is extremely popular. It’s simple to use, full of amazing content – both new and old, some of it original – and a great spot to see shows in 4K HDR resolution. Since its inception in 1997 (as Kibble), the streaming platform has expanded to just shy of 150 million customers.


Despite its widespread popularity, Netflix still has certain secret features that not everyone is aware of. We’re going to reveal those secrets and hidden, so whether you’re new to Netflix or a seasoned viewer, this is how to get the most out of your Netflix subscription.

New Netflix features you must know


  1. Smart Downloads

This function is really useful for individuals who enjoy watching Netflix shows. When you enable Smart Downloads, finished episodes of a series are erased and replaced with the following episodes. You won’t have to go backward and individually download the episodes of the show, and you’ll be able to hop right back in whenever you want. Quick Downloads, on the other hand, only works over Wi-Fi and not over mobile data.


  1. Specific TV programmes and movies can be requested.

There’s always something intriguing and enjoyable to watch on Netflix, but it’s frustrating when you can’t discover a specific movie or television show. To address this, the streaming platform allows you to submit a request for any content that you want to watch but is currently unavailable. Simply visit the Title Request page and make up to three choices.

  1. Using codes, you can gain access to hidden sub-genres.

One of the most convenient methods to search for Netflix material is by genre. For example, if you’re looking for action, you may select the Action category and then narrow your search to certain sub-genres such as Action Comedies, Spy Action & Adventure, Westerns, and so on. What you may not understand is that Netflix offers a plethora of less visible sub-genres, each with its own unique code, to help you narrow down your search.


  1. Use Your Browser to Access Hidden Categories

If you don’t want to travel to a different site to locate concealed Netflix categories and codes, there are browser insert that make this information available to you. Netflix Categories for Chrome browser (bit.ly/ncchrome431) and FindFlix for Firefox browser both allow you to browse accessible hidden sub-genres with a single click and open them straight to watch their stuff.

  1. Look through the whole Netflix catalogue.

Many TV episodes and movies not accessible on Netflix are available in one of the service’s other 95 territories, some of which have a far larger collection than ours. The ‘unofficial Netflix online Global Search Tool’ (uNoGs for short, unogs.com) lets you explore categories or input the name of a movie, TV show, actor, or director to view similar titles from across the globe.


  1. Make a Customized Profile

When you sign up for Netflix, you are directed through the process of creating accounts for all relatives who will use the platform. This enables and allows up to five users to enjoy and chill their own personalized Netflix view, complete with watching recommendations, suggestions and watched lists. At any moment, you can introduce additional profiles by navigating to the Modify Profiles page and choosing the Add Profile button.


  1. Turn off Autoplay.

If you dislike autoplay, you can turn it off. Netflix automatically plays the next episode in a series, as well as teasers while exploring the library. By deselecting both options in the ‘Manage Profiles’ tab, you can deactivate both of these capabilities.


  1. Discover What’s New (and What’s Coming)

New episodes and films are often uploaded to Netflix, but with so much stuff to view, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest releases — especially because many items do not appear on the site. Similarly, the streaming platform eliminates content on a regular basis to keep things new, so you may be wondering why you can’t discover anything you had wanted to watch. To see the most recent content, simply click on ‘Latest’ at the top of Netflix. You’ll notice a long list of new TV series and movies on Netflix. Scroll down a little to see what comes next.

  1. Learn Netflix’s keyboard commands.

When you’re viewing movies on your PC, Netflix features many handy keyboard shortcuts that give you fast access and save you time scrolling. Here are a few of our personal best shortcut keys that you can use:

  • Press F Key: Enable full-screen mode (press or click the Escape key to back out)
  • Enter or the space bar: Playback is paused and resumed.
  • M: Mute (and then unmute) the sound
  • Up and down arrows: Increase and decrease the volume
  • Left arrow + Shift: Back up 10 seconds.
  • Right arrow + Shift: Skip ahead 10 seconds.
  • CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + D: Displays statistics about your show
  • CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + D: Displays statistics about your show To correct buffering.


  1. Change the language and subtitles.

Subtitles can be a vital part of your cinematic experience, whether you prefer foreign-language films or you are just inflexible of hearing.  Go and visit to the Subtitles page to see which Netflix episodes and movies accept them.

Subtitles can be customized by changing the typeface, color, size, shadow, and backdrop, as well as the window options. All compatible devices will be updated as a result of your adjustments. When a Netflix video is running, you can also pick the Dialog button and change the parameters.


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