10 Best Websites in India to Buy Diamond Rings Online


Diamond rings have always been a prestigious symbol of gift and status. Women love a piece of diamond on their fingers and it is one of the best gifts that a man can buy for his partner or lover. However, shopping for diamond rings offline is a hassling task that can undoubtedly discourage anyone. In this digital world, everyone wants to buy everything easily from the comfort of their homes. There are many websites in India where you can buy diamond rings online. These online websites have all sorts of diamond rings that your lady will certainly love. Now, choosing the best diamond rings has become one of the easiest tasks with online websites. Here we have covered some of the best online websites in India to buy diamond rings online which will make your shopping quite easy and fun.

10 Best Websites in India to Buy Diamond Rings Online

1- Tanishq


A premium Indian brand when it comes to selling diamond rings for women and men online. Tanishq is one of the most trusted and best websites in India to buy diamond rings online. They have a variety of options like engagement diamond rings, diamond wedding rings, customised diamond rings for gifting and much more. You can easily choose from thousands of diamond rings listed online on their website to purchase the one you like.

2- Bluestone


Bluestone specialises in premium stone products and one of their main products is diamond rings. Starting from as low as Rs 12801 they have all sorts of diamond rings for both men and women. One thing that’s special about their products is that they see handcrafted diamond rings. This certainly makes them one of the best websites in India to buy diamond rings online right now.

3- PCJewellers


Another trusted brand in India that has now listed its products online on its website is PCJewellers which sells some of the most unique and beautifully crafted diamond rings. With over 25000 designs from diamond rings, they have the widest collection of diamond rings for any website in India. Also, you can easily return the product if you don’t seem to like it.

4- CaratLane


This is one of the websites in India to buy diamond rings online due to its ability for producing highly trusted products that have been a symbol of prestige in Indian society. They have the most modernised diamond rings which make them one of the best websites to buy diamond rings online in India. Also, their combination of mixing diamonds with gold in the finger rings is just a pure masterclass.

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5- Malabar Gold and Diamonds

malabar gold and diamonds

From engagement diamond rings to wedding diamond rings to rings designed especially for gift purposes they have it all for women. Unfortunately, their collection online does not cover diamond rings for men but when it comes to women they are unmatched with their variety and quality. Their diamond ring sizes vary from 6 to 21 which shows that you can find a diamond ring for any lady on this website with ease.

6- Candere


Candere believes that diamond rings symbolize poise, passion, perfection, purity, pristine, and everything that’s a class apart. They have followed this motto in designing their diamond rings. Also, there are huge sales going on right now at this website during the Christmas and New Year seasons which makes nowadays a perfect time to shop online for diamond rings from this website. Candere’s affordable prices make it one of the best websites in India to buy diamond rings online.

7- TataCliq


TataCliq is a website that does not sell its own production of diamond rings instead it sources the products from big sellers like PCJewellers, Malabar Gold and Diamond, Tanishq and more. This makes this website a great choice as it has all the variety that one can ask for. Also, you can get better prices for some of the same diamond rings that are available for a higher price on other websites. TataCliq’s collection of diamond rings begins from as low as Rs 12000 making it one of the best websites in India to buy diamond rings online.

8- Sunny Diamonds

sunny diamonds

It is quite possible that most of you may not have heard about this website that is making waves in the diamond ring industry right now. Their collection starts from as low as Rs 7000 which is the lowest price that you can get for a genuine diamond ring on any website in India. Also, their collection of diamond rings is a highly modernised one.

9- Kalyan Jewellers

kalyan jewellers

Easily one of the most trusted brands out there to buy any kind of Jewellery in India right now. Kalyan Jewellers develop some of the finest gold diamond rings that you won’t find anywhere else. Their prices are on the higher side due to their premium quality products. This is one of the best websites in India to buy diamond rings online if you love a ring that exudes class.

10- Fiona Diamonds

fiona diamonds

Last but not least on the list of best websites to buy diamond rings online is Fiona Diamonds that have been creating a fine set of jewellery for quite a long period now. They offer a unique variety that starts from as low as Rs 15000. Moreover, you can shop for other diamond-related products as well on their website.

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