10 Best Hindi Novels of All Time That You Must Read


Writers like Premchand, Dharamvir Bharati, Kamleshwar and more are considered legends in the Hindi literary world for writing novels that have created a significant impact on the world. The best Hindi novels written by these authors have been praised for their impactful storylines that ushered a new era in the Hindi literary world in India. Today, we take a look at the best Hindi novels of all time that you should definitely consider reading if you still have not got the chance to do so. These magnificent Hindi novels are high on drama and realism and offer an insight into the human psyche.

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10 Best Hindi Novels of All Time

1- Kitne Pakistan


Kitne Pakistan written by Kamleshwar is one of the best Hindi novels of all time. The story of the novel focuses on the sensitive topics of secularism, communism, nationalism, Hindutva and much more. It sheds light on the dark truth that people are only used by the people in power to forward their agendas which will help them secure higher positions in the world. This Hindi novel is a fine work of art with a compelling story which makes it one of the must-read Hindi novels of all time.

2- Gaban

Premchand is regarded as one of the greatest Hindi literary authors of all time. He has written many great Hindi novels and quite a few of them stand out and it’s hard to rank his best work. Gaban is a Hindi novel that focuses on a man who tries to please his wife by buying jewellery that he can’t afford. The man seeks debt after debt which ultimately ends up making him commit embezzlement.

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3- Godaan

Considered by many as the masterpiece of Premchand, Godaan is a story about the struggle of the peasants in rural India against the money lenders and Zamindars who were backed by people of power. It’s an influential novel that brought a revolution that ultimately helped in changing Hindi literature for the better.

4- Nirmala

One of the best Hindi novels of all time about suspicion, infidelity and forced arranged marriages in India. Nirmala written by Premchand follows a girl named Nirmala who is forced to marry a widower of her father’s age. Soon, her husband starts to gain suspicion that his eldest son has an affair with her which leads to the death of the son.

5- Tamas

Written by Bhisham Sahni Tamas is set in 1947 India just before the partition. The novel follows the story of a sweeper named Nathu who is bribed and deceived by a Muslim politician to kill a pig. The novel is a hard-hitting drama that makes you think hard and long about the issues in Indian society. Clearly, one of the best Hindi novels of all time.

6- Raag Darbari

Written by Shrilal Shukla Raag Darbari is a study of Indian society during the post-Independence era. It shows the pathetic condition of intellectuals in the midst of bribery and corruption which is fueled by the nexus of politicians, businessmen, police and criminals. It’s one of the best Hindi novels of all time to get a glimpse of Indian society.

7- Kashi Ka Assi

Written by Kashinath Singh, Kashi Ka Assi has inspired a generation of writers with his great appreciation for a place. The novel focuses on the Assi ghat of Kashi which was very popular among the people at a certain point in time. Common folks used to spend their free time at this place. The story brings out the beauty of Assi ghat in an unparalleled way.

8- Chitralekha

Written by Bhagwati Charan Verma, Chitralekha is counted among the best Hindi novels of all time. it follows a girl named Chitralekha who is a skilled dancer and lover of Samant. However, her love for Samant undergoes a big change when she comes in contact with Yogi who has an aura that she can’t resist. It’s one of the greatest Hindi romance novels of all time.

9- Bahut Door, Kitna Door Hota Hai

Written by Manav Kaul this is the best latest Hindi novel. The story of this novel gives a message that life is not about goals and aspirations but the journey towards them. We people should start to enjoy our lives and appreciate the beauty around us before it is too late to do so. It’s an inspiring Hindi novel that one should surely read.

10- Pratigya

Last but not least on this list of best Hindi novels of all time is Pratigya written by Premchand. It seems befitting to end this list with a novel written by the greatest Hindi novel writer of all time. Pratigya is a story of a widow whose life becomes hell after the death of her husband. A widower wants to marry her so that her life is saved but society is not willing to accept their relationship.


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