Why Netflix Is Lowering Prices In India and How They Plan Their Pricing On a Global Scale?

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Let me ask you a question, do you still watch TV, or do you prefer OTT platforms like Disney+Hotstar and Netflix? It’s the latter. Do you ever wonder that the era of people watching TV will soon be gone and the era of OTT platforms will take over?

When Netflix was first launched, it gained instant fame. People all over the world started purchasing its subscription. But every country hosts different titles. This means that some of the shows available in India might not be available in the US. Also, every country has a different pricing plan for the platforms.

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Netflix Drops Prices In India

How does Netflix Determines Pricing Structure For a Country?

Despite being banned, piracy is still practiced in many countries, including India. Netflix makes a record of the amount of piracy of content in a country, and then according to the results, it sets its prices.

Do Indians Get Any Special Benefits In The Pricing Structure?

Since the prices are set in accordance with the piracy rates, India is an advantage. The cases of piracy in India are quite alarming. Hence, Netflix has set its prices at such a rate that it is affordable to everyone.

They are trying to penetrate a higher market ratio by lowering the prices for the services as to gain more paid subscribers.

Top 10 Countries With Cheapest Basic Plans

The basic plan allows us to watch Netflix on a single screen at a time. There are very few benefits as it is the lowest tier plan available.

  1. Turkey: $1.96
  2. Pakistan: $2.55
  3. Argentina: $3.74
  4. India: $2.62
  5. Colombia: $4.25
  6. Brazil:$4.56
  7. Ukraine: $5.63
  8. Peru: $6.10
  9. Kenya: $6.21
  10. South Africa: $6.23

Top 10 Countries With Cheapest Pricing For Standard Plan

The standard plan allows us to watch Netflix on two devices simultaneously. It is a mid-tier plan and offers a few benefits, like watching content in HD quality.

  1. Turkey- $2.98
  2. Pakistan- $4.54
  3. Argentina- $6.30
  4. India- $6.60
  5. Colombia- $6.77
  6. Brazil- $7.00
  7. Ukraine- $8.45
  8. Peru- $8.55
  9. Nigeria- $8.78
  10. Philippines- $9.11

Top 10 Countries With Cheapest Prices On Premium Plans

The premium plan allows us to watch Netflix on four devices simultaneously and is the top-tier plan with the most benefits but the most pricey.

  1. Turkey- $4.00
  2. Pakistan- $6.24
  3. India- $8.55
  4. Argentina- $9.26
  5. Colombia- $9.79
  6. Brazil- $9.82
  7. Nigeria- $10.73
  8. Philippines- $10.89
  9. Peru- $11.00
  10. Ukraine- $11.27

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