Upcoming Jio Features: Reliance Jio Offering Emergency Recharge

emergency recharge

Jio is one of the companies that is much more interested in giving unlimited benefits to the customer that they single-handedly brought in internet revolution in the county.

Now, with the kind of history that they have, they’re onto more such new things and currently, we’ll tell you about their upcoming offer.

emergency recharge

Jio is in plans to launch the ‘Use Now Pay Later service for their emergency recharge plan. Under this scheme, the user can easily recharge their prepared number with an emergency data pack of 1 GB up to a maximum of 5 times.

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The cost of this emergency recharge would be INR 11/GB per consumption of emergency recharge. So, it’ll not be costing you a fortune or making a hole inside your pockets.

Moving on, if you’re talking about how to go ahead with this process then it’s such a simple one. We’ll explain it to you simply in a few given steps only. So, here it is :

Open My Jio App and look for the hamburger menu on the top left-hand side of the app.
In there, you’ll find an option that is called ‘Emergency Data Loan’, you have to click on that to proceed to the designated page.

When you’re on the next page, all you have to do is press the proceed button over the emergency data loan banner that’ll be given here.
In the next set of steps, you’ll have to click on another option that says, ‘Get Emergency Data’.
Lastly, all that’s left to do here is clicking on the ‘Activate Now’ Button on the last page.
Voila! You’ve successfully activated your emergency data over Jio Prepaid.

This service can be used only 05 times and each time that you’re using this service, you’ll have to pay up later on. So, it’s suggested that you should be using these services during emergencies only and not so casually.

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